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Dell makes custom BC laptop; '70s want their art back {WoW}

Jan 10th 2007 3:45AM Oh and Ryan? No WAY on earth are they the same price mate

And 6x faster processing? Where on earth did you get that figure from, they use the same components as normal PC's. L2Benchmark before opening your mouth again.

Dell makes custom BC laptop; '70s want their art back {WoW}

Jan 10th 2007 3:43AM [Quote=Axezeris ]
Haha, Shut up.
Go Macs. Were safer, faster, cheaper, and not mention were not a beige box. =D

What utter drivel. Same hardware, more expensive, less software support, rubbish customer service, pathetic warranty, less upgrade options, and you look like a yuppie.

Forum Post of the Day: Mr. Trade Channel Price Police Guy {WoW}

Jan 8th 2007 3:33AM I think it's more a fact of buyer beware on the publics. If people are selling in public they either ) Don't know how to use the auction house or b) trying to scam someone.
I refuse to buy or trade anything in the public channels now due to the attempted scams happening, and dealing with idiots who don't have a clue is not the way I want to spend my time in-game.

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 1 {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2007 8:38AM I'm in :)

Good idea for a contest

Breakfast Club: Gold buying is naughty {WoW}

Dec 20th 2006 9:16AM My opionion still stands as well. Although getting gold farmers killed until all their gear is broken is my current favourite pastime.

Belkin N52 Gamepad {WoW}

Dec 1st 2006 4:05AM MERC Zboard FTW

If you're using Discord for your UI you can make a Ui that mimics the MERC Layout exactly and then it rocks - and the software's relaly good - you can multiple profiles and layouts selected in the softawre so you can have one setup for your warlock and one for your Paladin for example and switch between them with a fwe clicks.

Brilliant value.

Breakfast Topic: Worried about your class? {WoW}

Nov 16th 2006 10:05AM Quite happy with the changes coming up.

I play a Warlock atfer all and we FINALLY got ou class review and some things are actually going to be useful to use, and we get a decent high-level pet as well.

New Zboard coming in time for expansion {WoW}

Oct 5th 2006 3:46AM I have used both the ZBoard and the ZBoard MERC for playing WoW and the MERC is the best keyboard I've used for playing games ever, the extra FPS-controls and the hot-key arrangements make playing WoW much easier and helps with your response times.

I can recommend them to anyone!

Happy ZBoard user

Breakfast Topic: Gold Buying And You {WoW}

Sep 14th 2006 8:42AM Quote Freeze:Its not a "OMG GIVE ME FREE EPIX" thing,

Yes, yes it is. And these people ruin the economy. You sound like someone who buys gold the way you have defended it. I hope someone ganks you till the end of time.

Breakfast Topic: How Many Alts? {WoW}

Sep 6th 2006 9:27AM 1 of each char class, all with different professions so I can trade between then and send any nice mats to the right one. I'll eventually have 1 main with the rest maxed in their professions