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Deja Review: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary {Joystiq}

Nov 14th 2011 2:14PM I'd be all over this if it was for the PC.

Skyrim teases 'making of' video {Joystiq}

Nov 2nd 2011 12:17PM Who's going to have time for the "extra" content when the game is supposed to be 100+ hours long?

Warner solving Arkham City DLC issue with a simple 5 step process {Joystiq}

Oct 19th 2011 4:04PM LOL. I guess it was a good decision not to buy the game yesterday. I thought about stopping by BB after work today to pick it up, but I guess I won't. This is totally unacceptable.

Madden sells 1.4 million copies in first week {Joystiq}

Sep 8th 2011 9:28AM Eh, people buy season tickets for professional sports year in and year out for essentially the SAME GAME - or in other words, a roster/coach update. Don't even get me started on the NFL making you buy pre-season tickets to get regular season tickets.

Gabe Newell on monetization before game design (spoiler: it stinks!) {Joystiq}

Aug 30th 2011 9:25AM BS. He's always talking out of his ass. This is a PR thing. Everything has a business and financial model before any resource is designated to it. You'll run out of business very fast doing thing this way.

Walmart 'rollback' of Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle to $249 an error, will honor sale this week {Joystiq}

Aug 29th 2011 12:00PM Sorry, I'm tired of RROD. No more Xbox for me. I almost won't even take one for free - maybe I'll take one just cause I still have games collecting dust on my shelf because I can't play them.

Count the punches in an hour's worth of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 footage {Joystiq}

Aug 29th 2011 8:56AM @wrongThinker

Most people here who complains don't really play fighting games or are just casual fighting gamers. This is really no different than a football fan spending thousands of dollar each season for basically the same game.

Gamestop beta testing console streaming service {Joystiq}

Aug 19th 2011 12:30PM Hopefully the beginning of the end for them.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 'Ver. 2012' patch fixes balance this fall/winter {Joystiq}

Aug 1st 2011 12:04PM Seriously? To all you who are outraged about this. Madden goes through an update every year for a full price of $59.99 US Dollars. DLC content for MAPS are released 2-3 times a year for $15 each.

I think it's reasonable to "rebalance" something whenever the best of the best comes and play the game. The NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL revise their game every year and make minor changes, sometimes major. Like a kicker gets a new ball everytime, or the ref is behind the QB, blah blah blah.

In a nutshell, Street Fighter is big enough that they CAN do this.

Suit up for a new Vanquish trailer {Joystiq}

Oct 15th 2010 9:10AM Next gen Virtual ON?