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BlizzCon 2009: Laguna Art Museum VIP dinner (Attn: Lore nerds) {WoW}

Aug 28th 2009 3:51AM Also, I did ask a lot about Med'an and Evelyn filled in all the blanks of existing lore there. However, that is an area where you are basically asking for spoilers which they were not handing out that night.

I was very happy to talk directly to Chris and get some pretty direct insight as to his influences. He is passionate about lovecraft, very knowledgable about D&D and loves Norse mythology evidently. Heh.

One last nugget that Evelyn hung out there for us on the whole guardian thing was that a) Sargeras has yet to be seen since Medivh's death and b) the family resemblance between Medivh and Med'an has been mentioned. This was after she talked about how Sargeras had possessed/tainted/hid inside of/whatever Aegwynn before she had Medivh and passed it on that way. Can this be leading somewhere? She directly stated that it was possible that Med'an was a descendant of Medivh. How's that for a savior?

Note: I did not intentionally sandbag this. There was a lot of data thrown around and as I look at different parts of the lore, things sift around and gain new importance.
So, I guess I did got some info you would have been interested in.