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What hunter pets would you like to see tamable? {WoW}

May 10th 2010 8:55PM Damn GC, I almost forgot about his promise.

A moose pet will be insane. But what would be more insane is to make pets on par with wolves. Problem is that the wolf is way too good compared to other pets. Make all the other pets have the howl ability in the talent tree.

A bonus if I could as crazy as it sounds is make all pets tamable without beast mastery. And allow the beast mastery talent that allows exotic pets allow the user to tame 2 pets at the same time. To balance I guess the talent would do something similar like the titan grip nerf and reduce the amount of damage the pets do by 10%.

This could also add to depth to BM dps. Maybe the pets will do more damage based on the timing of their attacks together. Maybe animal A does a bleed effect that increases damage with every stack. And animal B does a attack that does allot of damage based on how many stacks there is. But when done gets rid of the stacks.

Doesn't that sound cool at all?

Breakfast Topic: Who gets to grow up? {WoW}

Apr 17th 2010 12:56AM I like Thrall's armor. He is the only character left that is not a sell out to new gear that comes out like the rest of us.

I think Cairne needs a better look. Actually in general Tauren models look terribad.

If anything I am not worried about any faction leader updates I am more worried about character race remodels.

The Tauren/undead/human need the most work. With the new Varian and Jaina models it seems like human models have hope.

Now the Tauren face needs to stop looking like a square.(use more polygons lol)

And the undead look more of a joke then threatening with the increased visuals in the game. I mean why do bones block armor? Why is it so important that I must show everyone my bones. Even to the limit of making holes on my robe to show bones.

With undead I would like them to not be hunched anymore. An ability to hide my bones. And a more threatening face. And maybe a decent freaking racial that makes them useful again.

More Cataclysm change details for druids {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 7:16PM I like the idea of making tree of life a minor glyph to be up all the time.

And who cares if it is just flavor. fury wars/enhance shammys/Ret pallys are basically the same thing when doing dps. The difference is the flavor of shinny bright attacks as a pally. Element and wolves as a shammy. And bloody blood baths as a warrior. They all dps in the same way (I played all 3) I see no reason not add something because of flavor.

To not add something because it is flavor is simply stupid. With that opinion we might as well make warriros/dks/pallys one class and......

wait......they are mixing mages and locks right?..........Damn I guess that is what they are doing.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Mage Analysis {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 5:48PM Last I checked the last thing mages needed was a buff for survival. Only time I die one on one is when afk. Only time I die is in unfair situations like 3 on 1.

This is going to be very bad. I can see rogues and Dk's even having MORE problems trying to take me or other mages down.

ATM any smart mage can kite melee indefinitely. And can escape most situations in pvp.

Last thing they need is more haste and faster running speed on a somewhat low cooldown spell.

Breakfast Topic: If you could have any ability in WoW {WoW}

Mar 21st 2010 2:43PM Power word : Shield/ice barrier, actually ice barrier requires you to have frost bolt to work. nevermind. So Power word shield it is.

I will be able to do so much with such an ability.

Either that or tame beast. But I would hope that I can have as many pets as I want if I had tame beast.

Breakfast Topic: What would the ultimate raid be? {WoW}

Mar 20th 2010 8:59PM Brann Bronzebeard is fairly confident that the real Sargeras never actually set foot on Azeroth, implying the real Sargeras is still around in the Twisting Nether.[8] Lending this theory further credibility is in War of the Ancients, the power of the Well of Eternity was needed to create a portal strong enough for Sargeras to attempt to enter Azeroth, the creation of which took a long time to be completed. The portal used to bring the Sargeras that Aegwynn fought was powered by a handful of demons and was created in only a few minutes.

In an interview to Chris Metzen and Micky Neilson they said that "he's out there somewhere", that "you can’t put him down" and "he’s not going to stay down for long". At last Metzen said: I'd be very disappointed in us if we didn’t leverage him fully.[10]

Breakfast Topic: What would the ultimate raid be? {WoW}

Mar 20th 2010 8:48PM > His spirit is supposedly drifting in the Twisting Nether, unable to access his original form

No......the Sargeras that came to Azeroth is not the real one. It is only the avatar of Sargeras. Meaning a much weaker clone of the original. Kind of like how Freya has her own avatar in the basin in Northrend. And as I guessed Sargeras most likely has a bunch of avatars flying around the place doing the basic killing and plundering of planets.

Based on the story of Sargeras he killed a bunch of the original gods that created everything. If not all the main prime gods. I don't remember. The gods that you kill in wow such as C'tun are jokes. If I recall they are gods only for Azeroth. Which the primal Gods created themselves.

So if we ever meet the REAL sargeras I don't Azeroth will make it.

Arcane Brilliance: An argument for raiding as a frost mage {WoW}

Mar 7th 2010 12:56PM Then I guess you agree to allow BM hunters to raid......

If you let one faulty dps class come then all the others will come. You will then maybe see a sub. rogue, maybe some guy that wants to dps as protection as a pally.

So yes you may agree to bring a frost but when is the line drawn?

Because if you don't bring a BM hunter or a sub. rogue you are nothing more then a hypocrite.

Right now frost is NOWHERE near the gap. It may be coming close NEXT patch. BUT it is not.

It is why this article is disturbing. This article is the same as saying "BM hunters should come raid, and come all sub. rogues."

If you want to do bad dps so badly then do it in a heroic and don't waste your other 24 members time when you don't meet the enrage timer on a boss.

Because all you are doing is being carried by everyone else and warming the seat. Raiding is a team effort.

Arcane Brilliance: An argument for raiding as a frost mage {WoW}

Mar 6th 2010 9:00PM may be fine for raiding

In a realistic point of

SOOOOO, get a 25 raid invite. You come as frost. Do much lower dps then other mages.

Next 25 raid you don't get invited.......are you surprised ?

Bottom line is for progression guilds you want everyone at their best. And a mages best is not ice by far.

I can't argue how his article misses the key point. ANYONE CAN DPS. But it is who dps the best that helps get the job done.

Ya you bring some arguments there.......I guess I should bring a BM hunter hehe....NO

Bottom line the important part is the dps. All the shields/slowing/ survival is not needed if you do your job as dps and GET OUT OF THE FIRE.

The article is insulting

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: On Future Tanking, Page 2 {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 6:46PM I just quit wow a week ago. Got boring and well.....guild was dying so ya.

Was main tank warrior and then I saw this comment

You have Incite + Deep Wounds for Thunderclap and also Shockwave...Yes, you're balanced around it."

I am really shocked at GC for saying this. I don't put points in deep wounds to aoe tank. I stop at incite.

What bothers me is that he dares to admit that prot tanking is balanced around talents in the arms tree that is used for fury/arms dps. (I used to use deep wounds but learned to use more single target abilities on different targets.)

I mean yes having deep wounds helps in keeping aoe threat but it is not something you can count on at all. Shockwave crit chance is very low and has around a 30 second CD. To boldly say that we are balanced on aoe threat on a ability that has around 10% crit chance and is up only every 30 seconds just insults my intelligence. A smart tank will always tank based on what they know will happen rather then a (hope) it will happen. And this is the same reason why EH tanking/ armor stacking is the the most popular. We know that we will have that much HP and that much armor at all times then to count on percent chances on dodge/parry.

And no warrior AOE tanking is not at a good space and yes it can be improved. And based on post in the past of what he has said I don't think he knows anything about warriors at all.

such post as
"This isn't intended to sound snarky: Are you really having that much trouble holding groups in heroic dungeons?"-GC

Which was directed to a post about dps pulling aggro too easily

And then the resent post we see now. Honestly I don't buy anything this man says. Most of his answers back are rude and have logic of a person that only observes but never actually feels.

If anything guys go by your own personal logic then listening to GC. People like Rossi and other experienced players have a much better understanding of the game then GC. He continues to contradict himself and make himself just look like a fool to everyone.