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The Queue: Thin Mint milkshakes {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 1:12PM Damn, Africa, what happened?!

Blizzard looking into weapon enchant display solution {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 1:14PM Perhaps a small graphic that periodically glistens or rotates around a weapon such as Earth / Water shield but isn't present the whole time.

The Queue: Pie party {WoW}

Jan 15th 2012 1:06PM I think it's so people can't log out after pvping in the "real world" to prevent being ganked. Or something.

The Queue: Clearly, the correct answer is Tommy, the green Ranger {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2012 1:24PM Ugh. Tommy. Mighty Morphin Tommy Ranger & Friends.

Adam was, still is, and will always be my favorite Power Ranger. And, as much as I love Kim, the number one Pink Ranger in my book will always be Katharine. I think she's the reason I love Australia so much.

The Queue: Bad movie night {WoW}

Nov 28th 2011 12:10PM Power Rangers the Movie is one of my favorite movies. Haters gonna hate.

Win a Mega Bloks Thrall figure from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 4:14PM Do want! :D

The Queue: Civilization {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 12:24PM I remember the days when blood elves, draenei, death knights, and 31 point talents were the causes of death for WoW.

It sure has been rezzed a lot.

WRUP: Return to "over there" {WoW}

Oct 1st 2011 9:08AM omg, Fringe references on WoW Insider. My morning has just been made.

The Queue: The addon was AdiBags {WoW}

Sep 5th 2011 2:13PM I am a (mostly) Horde exclusive player who loves loves loves the Goblins. However, I prefer the Worgen starting experience. I will NEVER do the Goblin starting zone again.