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Winged Guardian mount in action {WoW}

May 31st 2011 6:26PM It won't let me past the check in screen so I can't buy one... is anyone else having this issue?

Encrypted Text: The art of the gank {WoW}

Feb 18th 2010 8:47AM Okay.

I play several Rogues and this article offends me.
First off. I consider PVP to be a waste of time,
gank .... it implies one-shotting my opponant, whoever he or she is.
next off... both factions in this game are at war, weither we like it or not.

I find the use of the words "innocent blood." deeply offensive.
I come from a millitary family and I also have millitary experiance so the use
of those two words really pisses me off.. there are no innocents in war.. lets
be clear about this now.

One of Four things has happened.

He's flagged because he is an Idiot.
He's flagged deliberatly
He's in a PVP quest or in battlegrounds.

So.. Maybe I missed something but I stopped reading this article when I saw "Innocent Blood"
Do not feed me gives me indigestion.

WoW TCG Card "Lady Kath" honors mother with brain cancer {WoW}

Dec 28th 2009 4:03AM Seriously.. what is it with people who flame on others who wish to honor their mothers. this makes me angry, have you no heart 13? I have lost family recentkly and your comments discust me.


Raid Rx: Healing Lord Marrowgar {WoW}

Dec 8th 2009 7:06AM We shall we.... today is a good day to die!
For the Alliance!


WoW Moviewatch: Level 1 Dwarven Hunter Raid {WoW}

Nov 19th 2009 9:35PM Whats with all the naysayers? I'd like to see or even hear about all you naysayers orginizing NINTY people for a one time raid..

give it a rest... it was a good vidio and I for one liked it a lot.
some people are just jerks. you know who you all are... naysayers..
bloody clowns.


Music from the MPQs {WoW}

Aug 30th 2009 5:47AM I've been looking for the in game music files and I can't find anything.
I never knew one could do this. actuly go into the game files and find the music... I wanna find the instance music... where would i go for that?