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How will the Stormrage novel tie into Cataclysm? {WoW}

Aug 31st 2009 11:23AM Hmm, has anyone ever thought that maybe Azeroth wont be able to handle the Cataclysm? what if by the end of it Azeroth is no longer habitable for mortal races, and that DeathWing's plan succeeds to a certain extent. What if we were forced to move someplace else? With outland pretty much destroyed already too, the Emerald Dream is the only place left... Possibly a plea from the Dragon Queen would be able to convince Ysera to allow it? hello new expansion after cataclysm.

And i thought Sargeras or Kil'jaedon (honestly dont remember which) is hiding in the Dream causing the Nightmare.

How will the Stormrage novel tie into Cataclysm? {WoW}

Aug 30th 2009 8:15PM Well its probably what was speculated before Cataclysm announcement, Malfurion comes back in a fit of rage and makes thrall the new Guardian (lore nerds done kill me if i butchered that...) so he can fix the mess Deathwing made. it all seems to fit very snuggly with the rest of the hinted lore with thrall in the next expansion.