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Blizzard releases details on Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Oct 19th 2009 10:33PM Alright this is the way I see the Icecrown raid encounter:

Considering how Arthas is suppose to be uber leet then tirion fordring and darion mograine will aid in the encounter. Tirion healing whoever has threat (obviously the tank) and darion dealing massive dps do to the lich kings huge health pool. Players will encounter him on a small platuea just below his thrown on the frozen thrown while argent, horde, alliance, and the other inhabitnats r battling the scourge on the ground.

The fight starts with the lich king as a pretty straight foward boss. At around 50% tirion will cast a sort of redeeming spell which will invoke uthers spirit. Uther tries to persuade the good to remerge from the lich king but although its clears that the 2 souls are conflicting they dont seperate. At around 10% tirion casts the spell again this time summoning arthas' father (king terenas) who eventually persuades arthas to seperate. After a brilliant flash of light arthas in his paladin armor and the spirit figure of an orc in the lich kings armor remain.

After a short dialogue between arthas and ner'zhul eaither jainna or slyvannas arrive depending on faction. As the lich king is getting ready to finish a defenseless arthas two things can happen depending on faction
-Jaina jumps in the way n saves arthas from dying
-Slyvannus blinds ner'zhul with an arrow saving arthas

Now for the last 10% tirion tosses the Ashbringer to Arthas to finish the lich king. Arthas advises the group to leave because he wants to end all the suffering that he has brought. Slyvannus also stays wishing to finnaly end her undeath (slyvannus dies, Nathanos Blightcaller now leads the forsaken) Now the last 10% percent while arthas dps' the lich king is a race to the bottom of the collapsing frozen thrown.

If you succeed in making it to the bottom (timer would probably be around 2-3 minutes) tirion will give you a quest to look through the rubble. You find the remains of arthas, nerzhul, and a treasure cache and loot them. The ashbringer is recovered but the horde and alliance are already at odds even after this desecive victory, garrosh and varian exchange words and both leave the citadel angry and preparing for the next war. Setting up the 3rd expansion cataclysm.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm targeted for a 2010 release date {WoW}

Aug 31st 2009 1:39AM I think a few things here are being overlooked or wrongfully misinterpruted

1) Ppl keep refering to how blizz has followed a no comments policy of realising an xpac every 2 years, and look how well thats turned out for them, they've lost subscribers due to long strung out waits, and poor quickly developed content to subside the pandemic of boredom

2) Also people stating that the 80-85 leveling gap wont take as long as blizz suggested are also incorrect, seeing as how they wouldnt waste their time developing an xpac if it wasnt gonna last players any longer than a year, and theyd have to keep struggling to release patches to keep players interested

3) And this is just a personal opinion but dont expect another xpac after cata, thats just bad for business because who wants to to purchase 1 vanilla and 3 xpacs? even if they are in battlechests. Its just an overload of content, and one hell of a mess that would progressively slow the output of more content.

IMO after cata...expect wow2