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Blood Pact: Don't sell your soul for a warlock tanking spec quite yet {WoW}

Mar 26th 2012 7:50PM Lipstick, I have a problem with that comment on a very basic level:

6 tank specs (Protection Warrior, Protection Paladin, Guardian Druid, Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster Monk and Demonology Warlock) is overkill.

... But 6 healing specs (Restoration Shaman, Restoration Druid, Holy Priest, Discipline Priest, Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk) is totally fine, okay, nobody bats an eyelid at it.

Does anyone else see the disconnect there?

I'm not deliberately trying to be argumentative here, I'm just asking why people are saying 6 tank specs would be overkill by 6 healing specs isn't overkill.

Breakfast Topic: Fear ... so exhilarating {WoW}

May 30th 2010 5:48AM Room of the upside-down sinners.


You know what, I'll just put the entire crypt area behind Karazhan in this list. That place should've been fully released, because it was just horrifying. You're so alone, but you never really feel alone.

Lichborne: Blood tanking 101 {WoW}

Apr 28th 2010 5:58AM Subtle difference between "bad" and "inferior". Compared to Frost's Howling Blast, and the superior "spell damage"/ disease damage of Unholy, Blood's inferior (and that's within our own class boundaries, I'm not even going to get started on comparisons between Paladin AoE tanking and DK AoE tanking). But there's nothing wrong with that at all - Blood is an intensely physical tree. That's the playstyle of it, and you work with the tools you've got.

I'm interested in shifting my spec around to accomodate Dancing Rune Weapon now for tanking, probably dropping Hysteria in the meantime. Reports I've been reading is that as far back as mid- February, the DRW is now transferring threat to the owner. If this is true it could really help out in some AoE situations to have double-diseases on all targets and hitting generally twice as much at 150% damage.

Cataclysm: Blood will be the only Death Knight tanking tree {WoW}

Apr 7th 2010 2:27AM I can understand the reasoning behind this, but I won't deny it - my Death Knight has been Frost since the WotLK beta, and tanking merrily since he was in his early 70s. Heck, I even adapted for dual-wield tanking. As such, it'll be sad to say "bye-bye" to tanking as Frost, and going over to Blood. Hopefully the changes are enough to make it feel less stagnant.

Totem Talk: The Shaman of 2009 {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 7:09PM Merry Christmas Shaman of WoW! What a long, strange journey it's been.

Drama Mamas: Dungeon Finder advice {WoW}

Dec 19th 2009 5:54AM The Queryer could've probably been a bit more polite in his assesment of the situation, he was only trying to help out a fellow player. There's a long-running in-joke among my friends that DPSers are the "5-digit role", and while it's not entirely accurate that the DPS are who they are because they like to see big numbers, there's a sliver of truth to it. All I can see here is one player trying to inform another of active, useful resources (hell, I'm pretty "casual" when it comes to WoW, and I still check stuff like Elitist Jerks to find the best specc, glyph and rotation combos). Granted he could've been a little more polite, as I said, but it was no reason for the sub-par DPSer to drop the F-bomb on the group.

I'm not exactly sure where the Mamas are coming from with this though: I've read through it a couple of times, and it seems to me that it's encouraging the act of ignoring sub-par speccs and gear set-ups that, with a little bit of advice given, could go a long way to improving not just that persons' DPS output, but also their fun (If we go by my old in-joke that fun for the DPS = seeing big numbers constantly). Surely advising another player creates a mutually beneficial scenario if it's done correctly: The group gets to clear the dungeon much quicker, and the player gets some tips to up their performance, making them a better player and more satisfied with said-performance?

As a final note: They said they were in the Pit of Saron. I'm going out on a limb here and assuming it was heroic mode, and some of those pulls towards the end can be a nightmare (from both a Tank and a Healer's perspective: Think I've been lucky enough to DPS there once!) Is heroic Pit of Saron really the place for a mostly blue-geared DPSer to be? I'd say no. Normal version is a much better place to start out. Or just farming the other heroics. You can get seven emblems of Triumph through the system from Nexus, Gundrak, CoS, and six from a good number of other ones. It's all about where you're "shopping", so to speak.

Breakfast Topic: The high cost of playing {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 8:09AM While it does cost quite a lot of money on the outside, WoW is practically the perfect game for the low-budget gamer. Thanks to its relatively low system requirements you don't need a monster of a PC to run it. As a former University student, WoW was great for some rest from studies. I'd much rather pay £8.99 a month for a game that consistently keeps my interest, than pay £30-40 for a new release and be done with it in anywhere between three days and two weeks.

All the World's a Stage: The new character experience in Cataclysm {WoW}

Aug 31st 2009 8:20AM Personally I found it a refreshing experience to completely ignore the Draenei/Blood Elf starting areas on one of the last characters I levelled, A Dwarf Priest. With only heirloom items and the original starting zones, it was a refreshing trip down memory lane to traverse Dun Morogh, Loch Modan and all the old favourites. It'll be sad to see some of those zones lose their nostalgic charm, but at the same time there's boundless excitement regarding how Blizzard are going to shake things up for us all.