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The Lawbringer: Contracts and the achievement tracker {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 1:16PM Scenario and a question:

1. You tell someone in game you can't run something with them because you are going afk, but in reality you were doing an achievement. They can now look up what are you are actually doing and thus invade your time that you didn't want anyone to know about.

2. They say they have rights to your name from this article, but how can they do that when people use the same toon name across so many games?? Or is it just in reference to situations that correspond to WoW?

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day three {WoW}

Dec 31st 2009 11:10AM Another nice gift item for sure.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day five {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 10:08AM Grunty is awesome!

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day eleven loot code giveaway {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 11:23AM This thing is ridiculously addicting.

The best of February 2009 {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 1:27PM I remember the whole Glider issue.

But I always though to myself that Blizzard's explanation for how they won was a bit ridiculous to me. Saying that we are licensing the game and not owning it.

Can you imagine if your car dealer said, "Remember, even though you buy the car, you don't own it, so you can't modify the rims, engine, exhaust, or even install a CD player if its not stock."

Personally its a fine line between stealing someone's work, and forcing them to stay on their toes, and keep making things better because the competition forces them to.

Thankfully thou, Blizzard is very accepting about add-ons, which definitely make things alot easier.

WoW Moviewatch: Ninja Raiders {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 1:02PM Two thumbs up for converting those lyrics to WoW terms.

Around Azeroth: Little big men {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 12:56PM He will just want more after that...dont spoil him too much.

Additional instances cannot be launched, please find something else to do. {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 2:36PM I'd bet anyone all that Blizzard is worth, that if we (the players) paid per hour that we were logged in, instead of monthly, that Blizzard would get their arse in gear real quick, solve problems in a tenth the time, and we'd rarely see any of these problems.

But as it stands, Blizzard makes money whether you play on patch day, or miss patch week, because they know no one is going to quit over this, so they don't care enough to go above and beyond in these cases.