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The Queue: Fused with infinity {WoW}

May 23rd 2011 12:35PM WTF is boni? Do you mean bonuses?

SwagDog discontinuing Blizzard licensed products June 1 {WoW}

May 20th 2011 3:57PM Exactly the reason I don't own a shirt from them. I had no interest in having my toon's race or battlegroup listed.

Breakfast Topic: Has your account ever been compromised? {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 11:37AM Hacked once, on my second account populated with alts. Had all my stuff sold and bank cupboards were bare. Hadn't used an authenticator before that, but immediately added them to both accounts.

I still wish Blizzard's system allowed for more secure passwords.

The Queue: Almost our celestial anniversary {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 4:33PM BRK retired from WoW after real life smacked him around. He sporadically posts here:

Busy in RL, but he appears to be doing very well.

The Queue: This dog {WoW}

Apr 11th 2011 12:47AM Q for the Queue:

Why, when I'm dead and in spirit form, I can run over water but I have to swim thru lava?

Know Your Lore: Interbellum part 1 - Forcing Fate's Hand {WoW}

Mar 16th 2011 5:07PM Or it's indicative a rich and deep universe that has been created that extends beyond the simple realm of "video game."

The Queue: Digging for questions edition {WoW}

Mar 16th 2011 11:23AM Favorite pet is easily Mini Tyrael. Although I do wish when he encountered a Mini Diablo the two would battle.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite ability in WoW? {WoW}

Mar 9th 2011 11:46AM From just a cool "experience" perspective, I have to pile on the love for the warrior's charge. I love annoying my guildies/party members by putting on my Headless Horseman Helm and, starting in the back of the group, pop my macro that starts the helm laugh and then the charge.

And I have to say, the 'on use' effect of the HH helm is one of my all time *favorite* things.

From a "Oh yeah, my warrior is a bad ass" I love charging into a pack of trash and popping Sweeping Strikes and Bladestorm in succession.

Know Your Lore: War of the Ancients, part 3 -- The one betrayed {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2011 5:21PM I seem to recall the same "lore" around the golden eyes. It was a harbinger of greatness amongst the elves, not an indicator of druidic talent.

Breakfast Topic: What made you decide to get an authenticator? {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 10:34AM Shouldn't some of this burden fall on Blizzard? If they had built a password/authentication system that allowed for special characters to be used in passwords, wouldn't that solve a lot of the dictionary attacks that crack a password?