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Are achievements optional? {WoW}

Mar 17th 2009 5:16PM Strongbad says...



"They're as different as night and day.

"Don't you think that night and day are different?

"What's wrong with you?"

Mythic makes one last case for switching from WoW to Warhammer {WoW}

Sep 19th 2008 3:10PM Some of Jacobs' comments struck me as kind of odd:
"And that is simply human nature; we’re not built to do something forever. Whether it’s a job or a relationship or a game, why would you want to do the same thing forever?"

Why would someone want to be in the same relationship forever? Seems like a pretty bad example.

All the World's a Stage: Sacrificing spells for the story {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 12:14PM Back before Burning Crusade launched, I had a Night Elf main in his 50s who, according to the backstory I had developed for him, was on decidedly unfriendly terms with the Cenarion Circle. The trouble was that my roleplay wasn't able to back this up very well, since all I could do to was claim that I had to avoid Cenarion settlements. One day I got it in my head to make good on this claim.

I went to the Cenarion settlement in Silithus, set that faction to "At War", and began preying on outlying, unprotected NPCs (the guards there murdered me if I picked a target too close) one at a time to drop my faction rating from Friendly to Neutral to Unfriendly... to Hostile. I knew when I was done because the whole encampment came running for me. I had to res at the spirit healer, unable to ever return for my body. Silithus essentially became "off-limits".

After that, I could say with confidence that the Cenarion Hold hated my character. And if my travels ever took me past Cenarion territory, anybody with me would see that I wasn't bluffing.

Additional anecdote: my NE main had kind of a chip on his shoulder regarding Kaldorei society and had left to become a citizen of Stormwind instead. When I hit level 40, I didn't buy a cat mount. I didn't buy one at 50 or 60 either, or indeed, ever. I waited until I had earned enough Stormwind rep, by turning in more stacks of runecloth than I can count, to buy a horse. For many I was the only level 60 they had ever met without a mount.

Assassin's Creed comic provides more questions, few answers {Joystiq}

Oct 8th 2007 4:04PM I think you meant "WHO IS to say if this promo material...", Dan. The sentence was also a question, wasn't it?

World of Warcraft hits 7 million subscribers {Joystiq}

Sep 7th 2006 12:16PM I'm a casual WoW player, or at least what passes for one with this game (usually don't play more than a four hours a week). In general I would say that I am not an MMO person, but this game is just so well-made that it keeps me playing. MMO developers are really going to have to work hard to differentiate themselves from this game, because wherever they're similar Blizzard probably did it better. Unfortuneately for those developers it would seem that the Tolkeinesque high-fantasy, orcs vs. humans setting which is so appealing to the video game playing masses is now more or less off-limits (at least for the next few years). In my opinion no other game had quite so good a shot at competing as Star Wars Galaxies; it is a crime that SOE botched that game to the degree that they did. I can only hope the BioWare rumors are true - they couldn't do much worse.