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Healing is for the women {WoW}

Sep 29th 2006 1:08PM I never thought I'd see a female post a comment with 'suck a nut' on a non-porn site....

Breakfast Topic: Most Whiny Class {WoW}

Sep 28th 2006 12:35PM I was going to stay out of this....but. On Kirin Tor I think the most whiney class is definitely the 12-year old. I'm always sooooo happy when weeknight bed-time rolls around. Okay, back to the real topic.

I can understand WHY Druids would "whine." If I had the ability to tank, DPS, AND heal and yet the only way an endgame guild would let me in and 'tag along' was to respec resto and be a healer whack-a-mole, I'd be annoyed too -- you see, I rolled a DRUID, not a PRIEST. Then again, that's mainly the fault of non-hybrid classes who basically *expect* any hybrid class to heal. (I have one of each and every class on the Horde side so that I can at least EXPERIENCE gameplay of that class before I bash!)

For me it's a toss-up: Fire mages or Rogues on Kirin Tor.

Sometimes I think rogues whine the most yet have the least leg to stand on. You a$$es can stealth up to anyone, pop them a couple of times and basically have them outta commission for the long-haul (in pvp). And yet, you whine unmercifully when you don't allow the MT to get any aggro, go knife-happy on a mob and get stomped because the healer is keeping alive the MT who you didn't let get aggro.

Other times I think fire mages whine the most. OMG I let the MT hit him twice before I bombarded him with fireballs and flamestrike...keep aggro better. And rez me 15x per hour pls Mr. Priesty, I'm only a poor clothie.

I welcome the retribution for my comments..... =) Oh yeah, Prauche is a Hunter and lovin' every minute of it! (2K crits muahahahaha) -- other than the fact that pets are very unwelcome in So, I try not to bring one along. Simple. I don't whine about it.

Breakfast Topic: Who Are You? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2006 10:17AM Greetings all! My name is Chris, I am 32, unmarried, have one daughter who doesn't reside with me, and I live in the land of the 2006 Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes. When it's not hockey season -- and even on off-nights when it is -- I can be found frequently on Kirin Tor playing either my 60 Tauren Hunter main with my fellow Hallowed Arcana guildies or one of my MANY alts (I have one for each class because I want to understand them all before I berate anybody on how (s)he plays his/her class).

Presently I'm spending more time with my 37 Troll Mage, 28 Tauren Hunter, and 26 Tauren Druid (apparently I like red meat and milk).

I was directed to this site by a RL friend and now am a WoWInsider junkie. Now, WHERE ARE THE NEW BC HUNTER TALENTS/SKILLS????? Just kidding, I'm a patient man.

The one WoW wow moment {WoW}

Sep 25th 2006 12:19PM For me, I was late getting in the door and the only reason I did is because my best RL gaming buddy had started playing the game and didn't have the cojones to tell me why he wasn't playing our regular game lately and sent me a copy via an online retail store that shall remain nameless.

Anyway, long story short, I was in my late teens and playing with said RL buddy one night doing quests in the Barrens and ran across what to date is still the largest raid on Xroads I have EVER seen. It was massive. I sat at a campfire that another newb had built just outside the walls and watched enthralled my first ever raid. That was when I realized that this game kicks, well, you know.

P.S. Subsequent raids of TM and Xroads haven't exactly gotten the same sort of wow response from me because they happen ALL THE TIME in the horde newbie areas.

How do you cheat? {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2006 12:18PM I, like so many others, run into major lag issues on Allakhazam (I also /laugh at #16 -- for oh so many reasons). Therefore, I totally dumped it from my favorites. I, like #13, block all adds - yay bandwidth. I, like my wise colleagues in #s 8 & 9 would much rather support gold farmers than Fox.

I use Thottbot. It is usually the quickest running site for me. I like wowwiki for a lot of things -- most especially instance information, i.e., quests and the like. It's one of the quickest sites due to the lack of anything related to a graphic or banner.

How to make friends (and influence orcs) {WoW}

Sep 21st 2006 11:29AM I play with two folks I have been playing with consistently 3-4 times a week for over a year. I have noted that with PUGs for instances (you can see, we only need 2 to fill; we ALMOST never need anyone else for quests--even elites), we rarely end up happy with how things went (although we had our best Scholo run with a PUG this week). It is interesting to me to note that even when we have a GOOD experience -- and there have been one or two per instance along the way to 60 -- we don't tend to employ the same folks again and again or even to frequently engage in conversation thereafter with any of them. I honestly think that a good portion of this is because our standards are too high. We have been the 3-Hordesketeers for so long that we know each other's gamestyle, & what the others are going to do before they even say it or make a move, etc. So much so that it's hard to group with folks who aren't as attuned to our play style.

Then again, it could be because we get too many "I gotta get up for work in the morning"s 30 minutes into an instance. ARGH! Oh yeah, and too many "what's aggro?" and "oh crud, I left my shield in the bank" statements. Kinda makes you want to be ANTI-social

Breakfast Topic: Most Annoying Quest {WoW}

Sep 18th 2006 9:36AM /Agree with Synack (#5) - Escort quests blow -- but only because the escortee walks at about the speed of a senior citizen with a broken leg.

High level drop quests - I say high level because until I hit the 50-60 range, most drop quests -- while annoying -- seemed to drop with somewhat relative frequency. At the high levels that, for me, seemed to change drastically.

Additionally, each and every quest that has you venture from the farthest reaches of either of the continents to the farthest reaches of the other for the purposes of TALKING to someone really blows. I could be actually doing something of import rather than spending 20 minutes flying/running somewhere.

Breakfast topic: Little habits {WoW}

Sep 12th 2006 3:24PM Ugh, it's called OCD. Walk in the door from work -- be it 5:30 or 10:15 p.m. -- log in, hit my bank alt, start running that Auctioneer scan. It's like brushing my teeth before my morning shower, it's automatic. I pulled an all-nighter late in August and walked in the door at 7:23 a.m.; and found myself logging in to scan at 7:24 without even thinking about it.

Burning Crusade Profession Rumors {WoW}

Sep 12th 2006 3:10PM Brad:

There is at least one BOP enchant out there: the Smoking Heart of the Mountain trinket.

Can come in handy. I wouldn't necessarily mind more of the same type of things -- maybe BOP rings or other trinkets. Of course, I'd probably have to farm faction for months to acquire the pattern so that I could make the trinket or ring once for myself, but that's the way this tends to work. May as well not complain about it.

Breakfast Topic: Pet Peeves {WoW}

Sep 7th 2006 1:41PM Barrens chat

LFG chat (global Barrens chat)

People who decide there is too much idiot Global Barrens chat in LFG and move their idiot Global Barrens chat to the Trade channel

People who want that +15 Agi Weapon enchant or +25 Agi 2H Weapon enchant for free after it took me hours and hours of farming Timbermaw reputation. Yes, my time investment in acquiring that recipe was specifically so I could give away the enchant with no thought at all to what my time is worth. (I actually acquired that enchant for MYSELF - Hunter - so I wouldn't have to beg anyone to enchant my myriad assortment of weapons.)

Warriors in their 30s who ask, "What is aggro?"

My own pet causing a wipe in an instance (which is why I don't bring my pet into instances anymore - Hunters, consider this....)

Instance group leaders who insist (after the group is IN the instance and was never brought up pre-instance) that we "must" do a particular quest that only they have -- where you proceed to wipe over...and over...and over...until no one has time to finish the rest of the instance

MMORPGs - Many Men Online Role Playing [as] Girls

Oh, there are others, but I should leave space for other posters....