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Two Bosses Enter: Readers push Black Knight through; Garfrost aims for Devourer {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 5:00PM Devourer also has Phantom Blast, which he basically casts continuously when he isn't doing something else. Except for the stomp at 66% & 33%, and Deep Freeze when he's below 33%, Garfrost only has the Saronite throw as an interrupt. The cast time on both Phantom Blast and Saronite Throw are two seconds, but the boulder would take time to fly, while the Phantom Blast would hit full on. That should give Devourer a big head start in piling on the damage.

As to Permafrost not impact living creatures, it does impact Undead players, who are as alive as Devourer of Souls. This could definitely be turned back on Forgemaster.

Two Bosses Enter: Readers push Black Knight through; Garfrost aims for Devourer {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 4:22PM Here's the problem: a good part of Garfrost's danger is the Permafrost stacks, but all Devourer of Souls needs to do is let the Permafrost stack up and cast Mirrored Soul on Garfrost. Both would bleed out quickly from the frost damage, but Devourer of Souls would just have to stay up long enough for Garfrost to go to an anvil, and then slap on Wailing Souls when Grafrost is occupied.


Keybindings and how to change them {WoW}

Sep 6th 2009 6:04PM I've been using the arrow keys for movement since I started playing--no mouse, no numeric keypad. In fights, I was manually shift cast bars to grab needed but rarely cast spells, and moving my left hand all over the F-keys and the number keys slowed my reaction time and I sometimes cast the wrong spell when getting my hand back to 1-5. So I set up a completely different keybinding arrangement.

I set my entire set of attacks and other commonly used spells in a box on the following keys:

with the most commonly used spells on the center of that box, namely

That gives me 20 spells easily reachable with just my left hand, and without having to move my hand from the keyboard at all.

Less frequently used spells--long cooldowns, buffs, professions, and I cast rarely and never while moving, I set up in a similar square for my right hand.

I'm very happy with it. The catch was learning such a radical change. For a week, I just ran dailies until I had a basic feel for it, and then I started running normal and easy heroic instances, even though at the time I was in full T7.5 gear.

But two+ weeks later, when I went back in to a progression raid, I could really feel the difference in my ability to respond.