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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite lines of spoken dialogue {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 9:57AM Your greed, your foolishness has bring you to this end!
You're not facing Malchazar alone, but the legions i command!
Madness has brought you here. I shall be your undoing!
Why you put da bootarang on my skin? :D

oh and i like this one because first time it sounded Like - FLESH FROM GNOMES! i was like wtf? :D But the real version is

Flesh from BONES!

Spiritual Guidance: 12 Reasons why you don't want to play a Priest {WoW}

Sep 7th 2009 12:26PM Ehm? Dude? Wtf? All you say isabout pve and leveling... Have ever tried pvp? Disc priest mby hes the only cloth wearer that can survive for that long? Ever saw RMP? RMD(rood) or RMS(haman) wont work lol. Stop whineing start palying, Lvling is hard booho, i lvled up to lvl 50 as holy because my neon Kill me sighn was jst a way to attract ppl to me. Do you think any1can out dps holy priests healing in low lvls? :D Have you ever wached in recoutn data? From my expierience i go to raid and shaman is starting to say that he has teh best gear hes always to healer etc. and then i change my disc pvp to holy and look hes losing my crap t7.5/t8.5 gear... It's like who cares that you will not roll a priest? Try lvling as disc... In northrend i kill'd every ally what i saw. (Mby there were few lvl 80's what i wasnt able to kill lol. But After all. Have you ever tried to read what is a priest? 2 of 3 priests builds are made for Healing. And again Your looking at priest only form pve aspect... And why ur lvling trough instances? Ever heard about quests? OH and paladin is Very fun lvling because until u get crusader strike ur doing only auto attacks and a frikin judgement WOW that awesome kewl and very interactive spell rotation, isn't it?

I'll qoute now : Because Holy actually cares about Spirit while Discipline doesn't. Get ready for some gear juggling and some decision making on gear when it does drop."

Again WTF discipline dont cares about spirit? lol how about that spirit gaining talents oh and in pvp you will go with no spirit? Then i have question - How the fu*k you are going to stay with mana???

And again and again WTF sahdowpresits dmg looks small?? You cannot ever go oom with the sahdow while you are grinding or lvl'ing. Priests dmg looks small go pull some 6 mobs start aoeing and when u get 7-8k dps tell me that thats small lol on solotarget oh yea 3-3.6k dps in lvl 80 is small oh and i never go oom wow that awesome ... Go delete this page and start writeing why priests are awesome ...