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The Art of War(craft): Eye of the Storm rated battleground strategy {WoW}

Jan 16th 2011 5:54PM Except random battlegrounds aren't premades and you can't guarantee any level of communication, individual player skill or ability to function as a team, so the 3v1 strategy is risky because it tends to result in a PUG spreading itself too thin. In a PUG it's somewhat safer to focus your team at two bases, deny the enemy the flag, and then go for targets of opportunity with whatever good players are present. That could be the flag or it could be other bases.

It's not clever, but it is robust - it doesn't put much pressure on your PUG to perform, and it allows a handful of good players to control the flow of the BG by capping the flag/assaulting a weak base while the enemy zergs your PUG defenders/etc.

This is why in PUG EotS I almost always go midfield. If the enemy sends forces to mid, I can prevent them getting the flag for upwards of a minute into the match, tying up their guys in the middle while our numerically superior forces have a better chance at the bases. If the enemy doesn't go mid, I get free control of the flag and am in a position to spot for targets of opportunity. I've seen this strategy work time and time again in PUGs; I've seen 3v1 successfully pulled off a mere handful of times - and each time was with a friendly team that dominated the enemy on every level anyway - and lead to many many failures as it degenerates into a 2v2 with the enemy controlling the flag because our team is too busy trying to cap another tower against evenly matched forces.

The Queue: Steam tip {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2010 2:02PM What's up with Tol Barad? Is there anything in-game to tell us what's going on, other than that paragraph of blurb on the queue dialogue? There's all sorts of freaky interesting stuff going on over there but no apparent explanation.

I know it was made into a sort of ultimate prison island by human wizards, used to hold demons, undead and so forth, but that doesn't explain how it got from secret prison of doom to freaky islands of weird, or why the horde and alliance are fighting over it.

The Light and How to Swing It: How to heal different tanks {WoW}

Aug 15th 2010 9:14PM Nonsense and poppicock, unholy's fine for the end game. The big advantage Blood had was its higher health, which, by the way, comes at the cost of lower mitigation and *no* mitigation-based cooldowns except the default IBF. With the 30% buff to hitpoints Blood's advantage is rendered pretty moot in the vast majority of situations.

Frost has the highest baseline physical mitigation and the best physical cooldowns (improved IBF + UBA), but of course lacks the higher hitpoints and self healing of Blood and is the weakest DK spec against magical attacks.

Unholy has the same baseline mitigation as Blood without the extra hitpoints or self healing, but it has Bone Shield which is (a) as powerful as a bear's only mitigation cooldown (b) able to be pre-cast and thus active for twice as long in a taunt-at-x-stacks type situation (see: Festergut) (c) active against all types of damage, not just physical (d) doesn't require the healer to keep healing (see: VB) and (e) can stay up for ages with good avoidance streaks. The trouble is that a lot of people still think of Unholy in terms of trying to maintain high Bone Shield uptime instead of using it at sensible times. Unholy also has improved AMS as well as AMZ which are both fantastic for any sort of magical damage situation if the DK knows how and when to use them properly.

It's also worth pointing out that an Unholy DK's extra disease (EP) enables Death Strike to be very effective during heavy damage periods despite it not being talented. An unholy tank with 4t10 can basically chain cooldowns long enough or often enough to get through pretty much any dangerous situation with significantly less healing required than a Blood tank. welcomes new warlock and elemental shaman columnists {WoW}

Jul 9th 2010 11:46AM Agreed, and welcome Binkenstein!

WoW Rookie: When Rookie Lane crosses Raider Boulevard {WoW}

May 20th 2010 2:09PM It's important to realise that it isn't a case of "leets" versus "noobs" - while it may be 'more experienced players' getting upset with 'less experienced players' oftentimes it's just 'someone who wants to make themselves feel better than others' ranting about 'someone they can use to do that'.

Some of the nicest players I've met have been extremely "hardcore" raiders, and some of the nastiest have been very inexperienced people who are very poor at their roles. But the really nasty ones are usually somewhere in between - the ones who have got into a few PUG raids and earned their 5.5k gearscore, but who haven't yet managed to get into a really healthy, progressive guild environment. These folks are often a curious mix of puffed up by their 'success' and gear while also feeling very defensive about the fact that they've not managed to kill the Lich King or whatever. And to make themselves feel better they take it out on everyone else.

Jerks in WoW may or may not be actually 'elitist' - chances are there's a pretty even spread between hardcore jerks and casual jerks. Once folk realise that it's not a battle between raiders and tourists or any other such designation, perhaps the community on both 'sides' could be less tolerant of the poor behaviour they so often harbour.'s Guide to WoW Resources {WoW}

Mar 18th 2010 4:56PM Dreambound (one of the best resto druid blogs around IMO!) -

And two elemental shaman blogs:
Totemz -
Planet of the Hats -

And how could we leave out Miss Medicina (Priest/general) and Righteous Orbs?!

Totem Talk: Elemental 101, Part 3 {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 5:58PM Eh, though having criticised like that, it is actually a pretty good introduction to elemental and even manages to touch on some of the big problems of the class-spec at the same time - and it's a heck of a lot better than any other posts on elemental I've seen on in a very long time :) Good job Sacco!

Totem Talk: Elemental 101, Part 3 {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 5:56PM ...what? No they're not. The spellpower coefficient of CL is 2/3.5 = .5714 and of LB is 2.5/3.5 = .7143. Shamanism is an additive 15% bonus to both for a final coefficient figure of 72.14% of your spellpower added to Chain Lightning and 86.43% of it added to Lightning Bolt.

I suppose some other comments now that I'm writing anyway:

I agree with other commentators that Eye of the Storm is nearly a mandatory PvE talent. In the raid game (and even in heroics) there are plenty of effects which cause pushback and would dramatically reduce elemental DPS were it not for that talent. But I agree with you about Tuskarr's > Icewalker, though mostly from an endgame raid perspective. If the player needs hit it *is* a decent place to pick it up.

Haste does in fact affect all our actions/spells, just not in the same way. Black Magic is nonetheless inferior to Mighty Spellpower in almost all situations (check out the analysis here: ). But I can't possibly recommend anyone gems for haste. The ONLY stat worth gemming for is spellpower, no exceptions - EXCEPT to get a spellpower yellow socket bonus, in which case Reckless gems are worth using. While some may choose to gem for haste in a particular circumstance, that requires a very advanced knowledge of the mechanics involved and your own specific situation, and is not really appropriate for a 101 introduction.

(Also, I really enjoyed levelling as elemental, and that was before the many improvements added since patch 2.4.)

The Queue: Strictly business. {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 9:48PM Planet of the Hats is me! --> There's what I hope is a quite accessible and user-friendly "beginner's guide" as well as some more advanced stuff discussed when I have the time. Black Magic vs Greater Spellpower? Should you use Chain Lightning? Is it ever better to wait for Lava Burst's cooldown or should one always fire off another Lightning Bolt? Current TCed Icecrown BiS lists? And so forth.

The Queue: Strictly business. {WoW}

Jan 8th 2010 9:45PM I suppose I'm too late for anyone to notice this, but there's an elemental guide that covers both the basics as well as some more advanced theorycrafting over at Planet of the Hats:

The author, who just happens to be me, also wrote and maintains the ZAP! elemental DPS spreadsheet and is a frequent contributor to various elemental shaman theorycraft and discussion forums. Yay.