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Breakfast Topic: Have your guildies inspired you in real life? {WoW}

Nov 12th 2010 8:43AM When my ex-husband left me, one of the first people I talked to after it seemed my world was falling down was a guildie. He taught me the phrase, "Build a bridge and get over it." There are now three of us who are our own little support group who help each other through the harder moments of break-ups and their inevitable little potholes along the way.

Shifting Perspectives: Predictions for Cataclysm druids {WoW}

Nov 12th 2010 7:59AM There were so many comments, I didn't have time to read them all. The only thing I have to say about healing as a tree at 85 is: Innervate, it's no longer a perk, it's a way of life.

I agree with Allison, Blizz has changed us into purely tank healers without the slightest notice or forewarning. All it has become is "roll lifebloom on tank, refresh with nourish" and pray you don't have to do it too many times because you'll be out of mana quicker than you can shake a stick at. Oh, yeah, that's right, permatree form has gone, so no sticks either. Well, then we're just reduced to waving as 2K+ mana cost spells suck us dry.

On the topic of the tree, I'm a girl...that new form looks like a male tree, goatee and all. It's bad enough girl gamers are told, "girls don't play WoW," but to totally take away a form that was at least androgynous and replace it with a man's attributes is a tad ridiculous. I asked for the "walking wisteria look," not a sex change. Not as ridiculous as asking for Boomers with Boobs, but something along the lines of a wooden Freya type look with a few flowers would have been nice.

As far as cats go, my paws are still bleeding from the declawing we've taken. Way to go Blizz, lift us out of the cellar in Wrath only to shove us back into the hole in Cata. /golfclap.

15 Minutes of Fame: Pre-Raid Trivia {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 7:51AM Hi Asher! Thanks for your question. To answer your question of what mod I use for the trivia rounds, well, I don't use a mod per se. I write my questions in a Word document, then just copy and paste my questions onto macros (I use the question mark icon for each one and number them q1 to q25). Then, since I use CT bar mod and don't use one of the bars in my raiding rig, I load the question macros onto my spare cast bar and it becomes my Trivia Bar that I only turn on during the trivia round, then turn it off to go into the raid.

For those of you who want to start your own game of PRT (Pre-Raid Trivia) allow me to give you some suggestions:

1. Talk to your guildies and find a great time for trivia so that those who want to play get to play and enjoy the time with their guildmates. It's more fun when you get lots of people playing.
2. Take the time to post your game time and weekly topic in your guild forums so that they know when to show up and what to study up for! You can also post your results, like I sometimes do, so you can have a running total of who has won the most games. If you'd like, if you have a creative person in your guild, you can make a small banner for them to put in their signature bar on the forums that says "Trivia Round Winner".
3. If you don't want to use your guild chat for the game, make your own trivia channel so that people who don't want to play don't have to get involved unless they want to.
4. Talk to your guildies about what subjects they'd like to see in your weekly round! One of our mages suggested to me the theme for week 7's "Professions" round and that's just one amongst many suggestions I've received. Keep an open mind! You'll find lots of ideas for trivia rounds right in front of you from your beloved guildies. Remember, they don't always need to be about strategy, our week 22 round was all about how well they knew know their fellow guildies, for example, I threw in a question about me, which was all about where my toon's name came from, and since they know me really well, they know that "Relyimah" means "the unseen" from the Myst Universe. Remember, everyone loves having the spotlight shine on them and be valued for who they are and their contributions.
5. Your prizes could come from guildie gave a gag prize that we used for our "grab bag" round that was a "Happy Fun Rock". Not a great prize, but hey, it was funny. Don't expect anyone to contribute prizes for the round. If you have a prize, great! If you don't, it's no big deal. But make sure that the prizes you give are useful or at least fun for someone to get that they could use in their gear (that's why we give away gems a lot) or maybe something the winner could get some enjoyment out of, like an inexpensive vanity pet. Most importantly, just make sure people understand that your trivia round is for fun, the prizes are just a bonus. Knowing your strat is the ultimate prize.
6. Remember when you write your questions, find those neat little tidbits that people don't ordinarily know. Challenge them! Example, from the trivia above, question #10 about the Dragons of Nightmare, to date, I've asked that question twice in KVN's PRT. Once in the week 10 round, then again in round 20, still not one guildie has ever gotten that one right because of it's complex and obscure nature. But that is trivia that is easily accessible through WoWwiki. If I could find a neat tidbit like that, so can you! Make sure you add in a tough question! Don't make things too easy, but still keep in mind that making it challenging and fun is what makes people engage in the game. Add in something that makes people laugh, because if they're laughing, they're learning!

Good Luck and Happy Trivia!

15 Minutes of Fame: Pre-Raid Trivia {WoW}

Sep 8th 2009 10:52PM Yeah, sorry Zhiva, you're right, it should say "spellpower". My bad, I'm a melee kitty...I always think in Attack Power...but you are right with the apologies.