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Breakfast Topic: Five years {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 11:56AM I started around six months after the launch of WoW. I remember:

-Starting my rogue and getting Ambush at lvl 18. I went and ambushed a boar in Elwynn and felt hugely superior. My (then) GF pointed out the lack of heroism in that act but I sure killed it good.
-Flying from SW to IF over Searing Gorge, thinking I'd never see this zone since it was for ppl around 50 and when you are lvl 20 something its an awful long way to go.
-When fishing was a pain "your skill is too low to fish in these waters" "your fish got away"
-When my first green item dropped for me, a dagger with agi which my rogue happily equipped.
-Wandering from Redridge into Burning Steppes, "Hmm what's this? A obsidian elemental... Fuch, its skull marked and coming for me. Run away!!!"
-My first Nightstalker item
-Killing Ragnaros
-Watching a guild breakup. Flamewars on forums, ppl crying on Vent. Namecalling and whatnot. Shamless recruiting from the splinter guild (I was not invited)
-Killing Hakkar
-Great music in Kharazan
-When you just stayed away from warlocks in bgs
-When Rogues got Cloak of Shadows and all of a sudden Warlocks were easy.
In all this time I have only gotten three chars up to 80. My rogue, a priest and a DK, but he doesn't count since they start out with a huge advantage.

I suspect I will be around much longer. I like this game alot.

Breakfast Topic: Back to where you once belonged {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 11:00AM I played a rogue thru Vanilla and TBC. He was my main and my only char that I would mention. I also had a Priest but he was just for healing hc and pvping. The story of how I had to leave my rogue and move my priest to another realm is both heartwrenching and unbeliavble. Tank shortage made him obsolete quick thou and my dk was promoted to OT/MT in 10man raids. That was fun, Tanking is fun. I love to tank but when we joined another guild to go for Naxx25 we needed healers not tanks so I went to healing on my priest. Healing is hard, stressful and tons of fun. The guild consiters the priest my main but my rogue is finally here and I wants it again. I wants to stand oblivious to fire, not avoid cleaves and genearlly feel the brainlessness of a dps again. But now I know a bit more on how both Tanking and Healing go so I will not:

Stand in the fire, assume I will get healed throu a cleave or raid aoe, think that its best to pop all cooldowns as soon as the mob looks at the tank, run from the tank when I have aggro, just watch the healer die because my personal dps will suffer if I have to run over there and trick the mob back on the tank, go for the box when the skull is still alive, post meaningless recount logs, blame either tank or healer for my death.

Im finally home again.

Breakfast Topic: Your favorite lines of spoken dialogue {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 11:20AM "You have faced many challenges. Pity they were all in vain. Soon your people will kneel to my lord!"

I usually heard it : "Soon your people will kneel to my LOINS" and I have to admit it felt rather freaky.

The voices of Ghoul merchants in Ebon Watch in Zul'drak make me chuckle.
"I buy....and sell."