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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite lines of spoken dialogue {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 12:25PM All quotes from YS fight are epic. I especially love the prhae in unknown language, "MADNESS WILL CONSUME YOU", p2 and death texts.

And ofc illusion of the forging of the dragon soul. Neltharion voice is amazing, and actually there is second voice in the background when he talks(it's not there when ysera or malygos talk), which sounds like ys.

"The screams of the dying will fill the air, the symphony of terror is about to begin." and "Are you so eager to die? I will be happy to accomodate you." - Skeram

C'Thun has also great voice, too bad his talks are so short.

"The black blood of Yogg-Saron courses through me! I... AM... UNSTOPPABLE!" - Vezzax voice is incredible when he says that line.

"Auum na-l ak-k-k-k, isshhh. Rise, minions. Devour..." - Anub'Arak's voice in AN was already nice, and in ToC this line shines, on the contrary to annyoing voices of tirion, varian and garrosh (and Jaraxxus's "flesh from bone"- damn this one is crap).

And wipe text "Tragic... To come so far... Only to fail!" One of best wipe texts in game :P

But I actually like most of boss quotes, and I even use boss talk add-on just to listen to them :P There are many other great voices, kara bosses, KJ, corrupted Kalec, Archie, and many other, all great!