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In defense of ignorance {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 1:35PM Thank you t0xic, good idea. i appreciate it.

In defense of ignorance {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 11:29AM as a person new to dungeons, I'd say you keep on giving advice. just avoid being insulting and I don't see what the problem is. It's the way new people learn.

In defense of ignorance {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 11:21AM Yrmes, I agree, I'm sure what I did was noobish and wrong, and by that guy calling me out, I'm now really aware of turning the growl off. He ultimately did me a favor.

I want to learn, and I want to get better at the game. But I don't think any of us really needs someone to yell at us and call us a F**KING anything in that way.

In defense of ignorance {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 10:50AM Problem with PUGs is the Frost emblems.
Sounds weird, but it's true.
My worst experiences in the last couple weeks seem to be in pick up groups where there's some obviously very geared, very experienced players. These players have normally done the dungeon 1,001 times and are just there to get the frost and triumph emblems, or whatever ultra-rare thing that drops off of a boss.

Then there's the other type of person, like me, that is using the PUG because we aren't in guilds or we don't know a bunch of experienced players to join. Mix the rookies with the jaded vets and you get a big range of play experience.
I've had cool people helping me with suggestions on gear and play style, to not one single word spoken the entire dungeon, to being called a F***KING NOOB because (I think) I forgot to turn the growl off on my pet. I also got voted out and told I suck, even after, what I thought was, my best dungeon. According to Recount, I'd finally topped 2k dps. I was thrilled, then I was told I sucked, and dumped like a cheap whore lol. It was funny.

I don't have a solution, sorry, but that's the problem I see so far.

Breakfast Topic: Oh, the lengths that we go {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 8:31AM When we moved from California to Texas a couple years ago, everything we owned was packed in a container and shipped... except the PCs, which were in the back seat of the car. We got to the new house, made sure power and internet connection were set up that same day. Even with no beds, no tables, or chairs set up, we had the PC's on the ground and were playing WoW within a few hours of arriving in our new home. Playing a computer on the floor sucks, let me tell you.

WoW Moviewatch: La Terroriste {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 12:48PM That was very cool.

9/11 was pretty much the last thing I thought of before, during and after viewing this.
But thanks for bringing it up!