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The Queue: Pandamonium {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2009 4:14PM I think you're misunderstanding -- it definitely still works below level 70. What they were saying was that Blizz was trying to come up with a way to make it work without it taking up a trinket slot somewhat arbitrarily, something they couldn't get working with the current mount implementation.

Frankly, I thought it was a pain -- hell, at least 70% of the reason I got Outfitter was so taht I wouldn't have to think about the stupid Riding Crop. It'd be great if they could come up with a way to make it "stick" to you, or whatever, but frankly I don't miss that +10% speed at all. 280% is pretty damn fast.

Teen arrested for making suicide threat to a GM {WoW}

Jan 1st 2009 3:25PM Gah, damn it. I'm -from- Middletown (the place where the story first broke), and grahahahahahah. Put simply? He's probably not scared about the whole handcuffs-and-cop-car thing. It's not exactly an A+ set of neighborhoods.

Wii chip production well underway, say IBM, Nintendo [update 2] {Joystiq}

Sep 8th 2006 12:04AM Actually, I think the important bit is the "Been shipping since July" bit, and as the article here insinuates, possible "launchability" within coming weeks.

Not superhuge... but not crappy, either.