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In defense of ignorance {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 1:45PM You will find it better to set the tone by asking for consent before needing. Hopefully the other players will change to your example. That being said, these random PUG groups are composed of players from other realms. There are no standards for needing vs. greeding. Fortunately, the new group system limits what players can roll on based on class.

In defense of ignorance {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 11:05AM I must confess. I like spamming my DPS. I will mend my manners.

I also don't much like Occulus, but I haven't zoned out of this or any instance. I don't much like sitting around waiting as one tank or healer decides to drop the group. But it happens.

Perhaps Blizzard could put the instance skippers into the proverbial time out box.

Officers' Quarters: More loot-rolling shenanigans {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2009 8:36PM I do agree with Scott's point that raiders should disclose their intentions, but I would not condemn his reader as he did. After reading this, I would not risk writing Scott knowing I might incur such a public reprimand.

I think loot conflicts on PUG runs occur because raiders are accustomed to their guild's rules. On a recent run I listened to one raider demand another raider be removed because he failed to announce he was needing before doing it. It was her expectation that he must ask for permission before need rolling. I knew this was the custom of her guild because I have run raids with her guild. The other raider understood that he could roll need because the drop was better then what he had. This was my understanding as well at the beginning of this raid.

Our guild has one set of loot rules for guild runs, and another set when we need to PUG. When PUGs are running the rule is that anyone may roll on any epic drop, but they can only roll once per boss. A raider will not be required to justify his roll. We enforce it with a loot master. No doubt this rule has its drawbacks, but its advantage is that it shuts down loot arguments from the start.

A challenge to Blizzard's secretive philosophy {WoW}

Sep 10th 2009 4:57PM The author is absolutely right. We need Blizzard to announce patch release dates in advance. My guild had a 25-man Ulduar raid scheduled the evening Blizzard dropped patch 3.2. Because of the download and patch application time most of the raid failed to get into game for the scheduled first pull.

Had we known Blizzard would take 3.2 live that evening, we would have scheduled the raid around it.