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First Impressions: Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms {Massively}

Jul 29th 2010 4:57PM Its been launched in France first and now throughout europe. No US launch yet which I find odd considering its an online game in a browser ...

UMID M1 put through numerous paces on video {Engadget}

Mar 30th 2009 2:09AM Article mentions World of Warcraft test, thats not the case. He is playing some WC3 and another RPG, but not WoW :(

WoW generates half of Acti-Blizz earnings {WoW}

Jan 31st 2009 1:13AM Also take into consideration that half of the subscribers outside Asia are in europe, paying in Euro which is more $ due to the exchange rate.

Add the extra services like server transfers, character redesign, and the client sales (which is still in th etop 10) then you know that Blizz makes more than a Billion US$ per year just with WoW. Subtract costs from that (development, hosting, bandwidth, admin, development of the other games) and you come to the figure mentioned.

Apple quietly updates $999 white MacBook with unibody specs {Engadget}

Jan 21st 2009 7:20AM The german store just updated the specs and has listed the 2GB DDR3 memory, maybe a typo in the US store?

Analyst: Wrath will sell five million copies {WoW}

Nov 8th 2008 9:28AM No, 5 million in US alone? There are "only" 2.5 Million WoW players in USA, a little more than 2 Million in Europe. The rest is in China or other countries.

"Bliz will make millions" is a little bit wrong. First the sales of the package alone isn't counted into profit as the money is being spend in marketing, paying the bandwidth of the first 4 weeks (which are free usually) and support.

The money of the retail box usually stays with the distributor Vivendi (or Activision)

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 5 - Footprints of Illidan loot card {WoW}

Nov 8th 2008 7:05AM Ok, green slimey glowing footprints. Impressive!

Spiritual Guidance: Utgarde Keep and the Nexus as Discipline {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 9:57AM You wrote that this isn't a levelling spec. I am Disc as well and levelling in the beta easily so far. No worries, you won't need to spec shadow to level. With Powerword Shield and the reflected damage you can tank quite a few mobs :)

First iPhone 3G caught in the wild, unboxed and handled {Engadget}

Jul 8th 2008 12:10PM The Simlock removal tool was also part of the older iphone in europe, at least it was included in my box.

Blizzard Authenticator passcode token adds anti-theft enchantment to your World of Warcraft account {Engadget}

Jul 1st 2008 11:25AM I am using this device right now and it works flawlesslay. The only worry I have: most accounts are hacked by asian hackers and on the back of the device it says "Made in China" :p

Russian WoW on the way {WoW}

Dec 11th 2007 2:53AM I wonder. WoW can be played in Russia on their servers since years. I was in internet cafes in Moscow and Kiew and they had WoW there to play, on their "own" servers for free.

Why should they pay now?