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New End Time dungeon screenshots released {WoW}

Sep 21st 2011 1:32PM forget the dungon, i want to know when Blizz will make Sylvie's armour available to players !!!

The Light and How to Swing It: Protection and retribution builds in 4.0.1 {WoW}

Oct 20th 2010 10:20AM I have set up a macro to use WoG on my focus (usually the tank) so that when i use Zealotry i can use the first 3Hp for WoG to get 6% more damage for the next 10 sec and then spam CS/TV. this seems to give good burst. i combine it with wings for bosses to get the damage buff on hammer as well.

Breakfast Topic: I hate {WoW}

Sep 11th 2009 9:54AM The 2 Elites that wander the Ghostlands...knucklrot and his pal Luzran. far too many times these buggers have killed me over the years..its a standing offer in my guild that any alt or loby who has this quest can shout me and i will go kill them.