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Breakfast Topic: How to be realm-famous {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 9:47AM Back in the day people were famous for having legendary weapons, or the legendary Ahn'Qiraj mount. I remember I was on Azjol-Nerub Alliance side and there was a rogue famous because he had the legendary mount.

One Boss Leaves: Xevozz buffets Ionar {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 9:45AM Haha. I know :D I was really excited when I got quoted on King Ymiron vs. King Dredd.

Doing something nice for other players {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 9:20AM I think the most recent nice thing I've done is helped a Horde Warlock (I'm Alliance atm) with the elite colossus quest in Hellfire Peninsula. He was having trouble soloing it, I almost killed him (quite on accident, I had targeted him while he was flying above me and auto-attack kicked on with a crit). In any case he attacked but I just stepped back and made it clear I was more interested in completing the quest. He stopped attacking and I helped him kill the colossus, then he waited until it spawned again and helped me.

Also, around the same time period I was on my horde priest doing the Argent dailies and when it came time to do the frost wyrm I helped an alliance paladin kill him. Which in this case was rather generous considering this was after three separate alliance groups had killed me while I was trying to solo him, but this paladin had not been among any of those groups and he graciously helped me get the kill afterwards.

Enter to win a Creative WoW wireless headset {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 9:13AM Hello. Please give me! :P

One Boss Leaves: King Ymiron dethrones King Dred {WoW}

Sep 24th 2009 9:37AM That's me up there! My life is complete now.

Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 24th 2009 9:34AM Can haz headset pls?

Patch 3.2.2: Priest changes and bugs {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2009 6:50PM I wonder if any priests got pets by shielding warlocks casting summon pet spells haha.

WoW Insider Show Episode 108: Don't get your hopes up {WoW}

Sep 18th 2009 3:54PM Just for the record, once you mail the Heirlooms the grace period to return them ends:

"Unless you've already mailed the item to another character, the level 80 character that you used to buy the heirloom can return it to the vendor for a refund within a two-hour grace period. (If you've mailed it to an alt already, though, you're out of luck. Sorry.)"