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Blood Sport: Random thoughts about Cataclysm beta and PvP {WoW}

Sep 14th 2010 4:28AM woot! The song i was (Badly) named after.... finally! :D

Raid Rx: Welcome to heroic Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Aug 13th 2010 7:14AM Gotta agree with that (For 10 man). We're 9/12 10Hc with Putri and Sindy still to go. Once we had LK (which took about 40 attempts) it took a couple of weeks to gear up a bit more then we found Marrowgar and Gunship easy (with 15% buff). Now we find the first 7 a piece of cake (up to Dreamwalker) with Princes the hardest (BQL is easy...especially if you accidently have her on normal twice :( )

Putri and Sindy both seem doable, especially with 30% buff, but one mistake and its game over... :(

The Queue: S'more {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 3:49PM But........

Surely they will be changing stats on current gear at the same time? Arp is going, SP is going (Except on weapons is what i heard) to be replaced by stam / intel. Therefore i expect that when we see gear with 260 stam (Eg) as a lvl 78 green, our T10 gear will have even more stam.

I see it more as a total stat rebalance more than a gear reset.

The Queue: You will all perish in daww so cute {WoW}

Jul 1st 2010 4:09PM Don't know whether we know the answer to this yet, but having seen the huge jump in stats on the newly released crafting gear can it be assumed that our current gear will see an equivalent jump (seeing as SP and ArP are going) or will we be replacing our ICC HC gear with quest greens from the get go?

The Queue: Bree to wed Asian design major {WoW}

May 11th 2010 2:42PM 37 times...... in a row! :(

Arcane Brilliance: I hope for an icy apocalypse {WoW}

May 9th 2010 6:25AM I gave up on Lost during season 3 - it lost its sense of direction and became overcomplicated with multiple conflicting storylines which (as it now seems) didnt appear to be resolvable.

For those wondering what to watch next, i'd highly recommend going back to the 2 shows without which there would be no lost (or 24, or heroes or any show with a long continuing story arc) - The Prisoner (the original, not the new remake) and Twin Peaks.

The Prisoner is a beguiling tale of cold war intrigue used as a metaphor for the state of the individual in modern culture (As it was in the 60s) and is as relevant today as it was then. Each episode is semi-self contained, but as a whole charts the character development (more as a revealing of his character than his character changing). It also contains some of the most famous quotes of TV History - "I am not a number; I am a free man!"

OT - I love my frost mage for Heroics and AoE Trash (and easier bosses where dps requirements are not so strict anymore). With Nibelung its an AoE machine once you get 4+ of the valkyr up. I dont think its as uncompetitve as the original article stated (which was biased by various factors i cba to get into) but i wouldnt use it on Sindy, Putri, BQL or LK where performance still really matters

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a new bear at 80, part 3 {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 6:19PM Alison - as usual loved the article, but couldnt you have published it 2 weeks ago when my drood hit 80! :P My big problem is that my drood is the first toon on horde side of my server, so has no access to the reserves on my ally side to buy BoEs.

Just got home from 12 hour day followed by recording of a TV show, so i'll check it out in more detail in the morning :)

Ask a Faction Leader: Chromie {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2010 2:11PM So much win. Thanks for brightening my evening when i'm having severe guild issues :( BTTF and HHGTTG quotes... xD

Officers' Quarters: How to fill slots {WoW}

Feb 1st 2010 6:53PM Another great column :) Please note the below is rather long (just came back to add this :P) but does become relevant at the end :P

I've actually been through a wierd experience last couple of months as an officer. We were a solid 10 man raiding team, with a few to swap in and out. This worked well through ulduar (although due to summer holidays we stopped after getting 3 keepers down) and ToC was quickly on farm once it came out. We were a close knit team, mostly officers with lots of experience and were good friends.

However, our GM then decided he wanted to expand to a 25 man team. We recruited and got started. This was where the issues started. More people = more grief / aggro in chat, but that was just the start. We started on ToC25, but we'd usually only have 20-23 people and in all honestly only 15 or so were actually performing anywhere near the required level. We went to ICC10 with our best team a couple of times and cleared it (first 4 bosses) but then we went back to focusing on 25 and could rarely defeat twins and never anub due to lack of dps with 5-6 people doing under 2K.

After a while of making no progress, with raids starting later and later every day, we lost 2 of our top healers to another guild. As they were also officers and good friends, and this was a massive blow to both the guild and the officers personally. Eventually after another night of poor performance and poor attitude i'd had enough and announced to the other officers i was planning to leave, but wanted to think about it overnight first, then logged.

Next day, we had a long talk about it, and it turns out all the other officers felt the same way, including the GM. Having already lost 2 friends, he didnt want to loose another and was contemplating disbanding the guild had i left. We then agreed to set our focus on 10 man progression again.

A couple of weeks laters, we've got first 4 bosses on farm, and got rotface and festergut down to 30% each, and they WILL be down next week. The atmosphere is much better and everyone is enjoying raiding for the first time in ages. However, there is still a problem with numbers (hence the link to this column if you thought this unrelated :P) We're now running with about 12-14 good enough players for our progression team.

So our plan so far has been to rotate between fights, making the best tactical decision. Unfortunately we've got too many duplicates (3 hunters, 2 fury warrs, 2 mages etc) so cant get perfect synergy no matter what, but this means that everyone gets a chance and no one feels left out all night. So for instance on Lady D, we want both mages for the immune to psyical mobs. Then one or both of us can be benched for the battleship fight. If someone needs loot, we make sure to rotate them in the next week for a chance :)

Officers' Quarters: Ultimatum {WoW}

Jan 18th 2010 4:22PM This is exactly the sort of article that reminds me why i love Thanks Scott :D

As can be seen from the comments this sort of situation generates alot of issues for many guilds, and i've seen a fair few myself. We used to be DKP, but as we were melee heavy, it was unfair on them as they had to heavily outbid eachother on every item so for every item they received, i got 3 or 4 as the sole clothy (hey i wasnt complaining :) )

We've since moved to EPGP, but as has been pointed out, people can still hoard their EP and pass on valuable upgrades which is to the detriment of the raid. We've still had people rage quit over loot though (unfortunately a valuable member of the guild left who we all liked as he felt he wasnt getting a chance at loot as he didnt raid as much as others did so was left behind in the queue).

This is the sort of issue that occurs weekly for officers across the spectrum - from top-end guild (i assume) to those just starting out. If only some bright spark could come up with a completely fair way.... unfortunately human weakness and ego will always overcome any system :(