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The Daily Quest: Gee, tanks {WoW}

Aug 18th 2011 4:17AM To be honest, I'm still mixed about this whole threat thing. One the one hand, it's true that I've held off tanking until I was sure that I would be able to keep threat. On the other hand though, I certainly felt much more accomplished once I did have enough gear to keep threat above trigger happy DPS classes. (I have a mage as well, so I understand the dilemma on both sides. :P)

Anyway. As someone who hoards almost all of the novelty and nostalgic gear that I've collected, I'm really interested in hearing more of the specifics about the Transmogrification system. I think this blog does a good job of fairly evaluating the pros and cons to such a system.

All the World's a Stage: The art of the alt {WoW}

Sep 14th 2009 4:58AM I tried to roleplay once. To be honest, it probably didn't go very well. My very first server was an RP server in fact. It was a fairly casual realm though, so I didn't have much of a backstory. Still, it was pretty fun. I had never really thought about making alts on an RP server, but reading this post makes me want to try again sometime.
I am always fascinated by the relationships developed between different players in game. I occasionally role play with my girlfriend (though we typically play on PvP servers) and I find it very endearing. We don't have much of a backstory, but everyone in our guild knows that we are together. Typically our names have a personal meaning that relates to something from our daily lives.
I won't say I haven't created alts of course. As an avid player I like to understand and experience a variety of roles and play styles. I always think that this helps me play with other players. If you know what a healer has to go through, you tend to respect and appreciate them better when they play their role well. However, I have never tried relating my own characters to each other. I believe that this would be quite a fascinating and mentally challenging endeavor.
It's one thing to focus and fully develop the history of one character, but to then build another character that compliments your own. Well developed characters are very unique, but this isn't to say that you should make two completely different characters. Although, it could be fun to have two completely antagonistic characters develop from afar and design an interesting way for them to meet each other.
I think that the true test of a player's creativity and understanding of character would be seeing if anyone would notice. Notice that several characters were being played by the same player. True, someone might notice that two characters are never logged in at the same time, but in a game as large as WoW, this isn't actually that uncommon. I suppose that one could also effectively use dualboxing to have two characters speaking at the same time. To further develop the illusion a player could have a friend playing the other character and together they would improvise key scenes.
It's quite a fun thought. To create multiple personalities and explore them through a digital environment. What better place to do that in World of Warcraft.