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BG Hero tracks your battleground activity {WoW}

Sep 15th 2009 6:50AM theRaptor I certainly agree with some of what your saying. In the relativly short time I have been looking at the armory statistics there are some that clearly stand out as being inaccurate.

however in regards to this site there are only 2 stats that I have looked at that are consistantly innacurate: killing blows, and there are no stats for deaths for the new bg Isle of conquest. I don't currently use death stats (although I do record them), but I do use KB's (wich I will be removing at some not too distant point in the future, due to it's inaccuracy).

The other stats that I have used, when I have tested them, seem to be consistantly pretty sound. I don't know the precise date that the armory stats date back to but you have to bare in mind that they aren't the complete stats for the whole history of your character.

BG Hero tracks your battleground activity {WoW}

Sep 14th 2009 9:52PM hehe, this is all coming so fast it's insane!

I would like to say a couple of things:

1) the site isn't nearly finished, but i'm still working on it (really I had no plans to release this yet)
2) the site is full of bugs!
3) my server is probably about to break
4) I limited to the accuracy accorded by the wow armory, currently there is a massive bug with HK's so don't be surprised if you see silly numbers turning up.
5) the site is about to get a whole new look
6) i'm completely open to suggestions about anything
7) my spelling is awful so if you spot anything truely horrific then please feel free to pop me an email or send me a bug report via the feed back form on the site.

cheers for the nice words