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Recent Comments:

Time for retirement {Medical Informatics Insider}

Sep 10th 2006 2:04PM I can not understand... how did such happen???

Scary Shark: Real or Not, Part 18 (The Answer) {Divester}

Sep 10th 2006 1:12PM WOW!!!! Really it oreginal??? how did you succeed to do such photo???? I delight in you

UK Dead Rising fans chop til they drop {Joystiq Xbox}

Sep 10th 2006 12:55PM what pity... It must was happen early or late

PAX: The Castle Crashers test {Joystiq}

Sep 10th 2006 12:53PM Amusing toy. Such games cheer up well.

The NFL Today show to be in HD for the first time {Engadget HD}

Sep 10th 2006 12:49PM We will look that from this everything will be learned

Bell & Ross Vintage 126 XL Habana Watch {Luxist}

Sep 10th 2006 12:40PM beautiful clock, only a small strap looks at oneself not very much, although who how likes.

Red Corner: Moscow's Most Extravagant Restaurant {Gadling}

Sep 10th 2006 12:38PM It is the most beautiful restaurant in the world!!! Russians very much a lot of money was inlaid in him...

Risen assembles worldfirst of Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian {WoW}

Sep 10th 2006 12:21PM Elf very beautifully dressed... I dream about such staff'e

Motorola gives $5 million to Handmark {The Wireless Report}

Sep 10th 2006 12:17PM I hope that motorola did not make a mistake in a choice.

NASA TV - Watch the launch today {DV Guru}

Sep 10th 2006 11:41AM Is the channel of NASA free of charge or it is needed to pay for viewing?