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Breakfast Topic: That longing feeling {WoW}

Sep 1st 2011 9:00AM I really wanted to finish all of the holiday achievements and get that violet proto-drake. And because I mis-read when the holiday was ending (and b/c I'm terrible at pvp) I was 11 kills while dressed as a winter gnome or whatever they're called short of my goal for a year. But I finally got it last winter and am happy. Now I'm working on Loremaster.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have NPC loyalty? {WoW}

Aug 30th 2011 8:16AM In Dal, I use Sisters Sorcerous for reagents. I go to the Tauren repair near the Tauren Inn in Org just because I'm hearthed there and she's the closest but I don't remember what her name is. I guess I'm more about convenience than loyalty.

Breakfast Topic: Care to share any recent embarrassing moments? {WoW}

Mar 21st 2011 9:53AM Recently got the courage up to start PuGing randoms (normal, not even heroic). First time in Grim Batol, mage went running for the drakes, and promptly found the break in the ground and fell down into the lava.

Breakfast Topic: What pop figures deserve an Easter egg in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 12th 2011 8:21AM Asheron's Call has a TARDIS out in the middle of a desert I believe.

Cataclysm beta removes portals from Dalaran and Shattrath {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 11:48PM Despite my comment I don't require people to pay me but it would be nice if they at least covered the cost of the reagent. I've gotten burned too many times so I don't even agree to it unless something is offered. I don't care what. But a gesture is nice. Otherwise I'm OK with you hoofing it.

Cataclysm beta removes portals from Dalaran and Shattrath {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 11:46PM Well good thing I've got a mage that just dinged 80. WTS portal.

The Queue: Why did WoW Insider switch domains, again? {WoW}

Sep 16th 2010 9:01PM Here's my question:
Has their been any word on new hairstyles in Cataclysm? I'm tired of looking at my ponytail but I don't want to spend the cash (I'm cheap) unless I can get something worthwhile.

Breakfast Topic: Yellow car, I win! {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2010 9:09AM Right before the first boss in a raid we roll for blame. Whoever has the highest (or lowest depending on what we do that night) gets the blame (jokingly of course) for any wipes, early pulls, or anything else that could go wrong.

Breakfast Topic: I suck at playing mage {WoW}

Apr 25th 2010 8:43AM Me too. I have a Druid sitting at 17 or 18. I've tried to play her but I just can't get interested in her. Meanwhile I rolled a mage and love playing her. Haven't capped her yet but I like playing her. I also have a DK I can't get into . *shrug* No idea what it is about those two classes.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 9:01AM FORE THE HORSE!