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Cataclysm Beta: Mage talents and specializations {WoW}

Jul 14th 2010 8:53PM Frostfire spec would look something like this --

But I don't think it will be viable as the mastery system currently works, since deathfrost won't affect it. If, however, that gets changed, this could be a potent setup with huge amounts of crits and ignite.

That said, I assume that ignite as it currently appears will go the way of the dodo since it's cumulative with the mastery bonus. Frostfire bolt may end up becoming the pyroblast of the frost spec, firing on brain freeze procs and that's about it -- let's hope something else changes this.

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

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Apr 13th 2010 11:36AM pony!

Leave a comment, win fabulous prizes! {WoW}

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Arcane Brilliance: An argument for raiding as a frost mage {WoW}

Mar 6th 2010 3:31PM As a guy who played a frost mage throughout vanilla and still feel fondly towards it, I liked the article. But I have a few problems with your slant:

1) The good kiting/aoe talents are not picked up in a raiding frost spec without significantly hampering your single target damage. I'm all for offspecs to help manage certain fights, but it won't be viable on fights where you need focused, high intensity dps like Queen, Putricide and Festergut.

2) Deep freeze, the badass huge damage nuke, does not do significantly more damage than a stacked arcane blast. In my gear it crits for roughly 30k, whereas a 4 stack AB crits for 24k, but I cast one every ~10 seconds.

3) Frost scales poorly with all three dps stats, and every current (T9/T10) set bonus:
a) The spellpower coefficient, while improved, still falls well below the other builds,
b) crit is dramatically worse because of the low softcap from FoF/shatter, and
c) haste is the least value of each spec because a) it has the lowest base cast time for your nukes, and b) it has the least frequent procs (assuming current gear/raid buffs)

In terms of Sets -
2T9 grants significantly more crit, which frost has little use for
4T9 grants significantly more crit, which frost has little use for
2T10 grants haste when using your on proc ability, frost's, at 15%, is by far the least common proc.
4T10 adds mirror images as a cooldown, but with a significant portion of damage coming from a 30 second CD ability, you can only get one during mirrors (two if you cold snap and get lucky)

In terms of survivability, frost is surely the best, but mage survivability is so poor that it doesn't really allow for a significantly greater margin of error. It does have the best raid buffs of the three talents, but rarely is there a group that benefits enough from the diminished value for the mage.

Possible solutions:
1) Incanters absorption moved low in the arcane tree; this would allow frost to make some DPS use out of frost barrier on some fights, though it would also encourage risky behavior and get lots of inattentive mages killed
2) Reset or lower the CD on deep freeze when it causes damage. To avoid breaking PvP, there could be a trigger in deep freeze that, when it causes damage, it reduces the CD to 10 seconds or even resets the CD entirely. This would a) free up Cold Snap for more strategic use, and b) allow more use of the only very high damage ability frost mages have.

I still don't think that would even up the playing field, but it would get closer, at least.

That said, it's not gonna kill any raid to bring a frost mage, so valle con dios.

A lack of Alliance pride {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 6:06PM As a lifelong and devoted alliance player, it's easy -- the Horde symbol is awesome and has a lot of character, and the alliance symbol looks like a press-on tattoo from elementary school