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Know Your Lore: Update on current Horde politics {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 2:31AM It sounds like many people haven't finished some of the questing on the Alliance in the Southern Barrens.

If you speak to General Hawthorne at the Forward Command (don't remember his name), you can ask about what happened at Camp Taurjo. He led the attack, which was ordered because, while it was a simple hunting post, it served as a training and outfitting post for the Horde. So, there was a very tactical reason to attack Taurjo.

However, if you keep talking to him, the General states that he intentionally left a gap in the lines attacking the camp. This was to allow innocent people to escape, rather than killing or capturing them. It was his honor that would not allow him to affect the innocents of the camp.

If we want to talk about dirty deeds, let's talk about Thal'darah's Grove in Stonetalon. The Alliance quest line deals with the Horde (goblins specifically) dropping a massive bomb on the town. Thal'darah's Grove was a training center for druids.

The difference between Thal'darah and Taurjo? The Horde didn't allow any escapees, no matter how innocent, from Thal'darah. So, let's talk about culpability.

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Oct 12th 2010 9:57AM I do believe that I am interested. :). My guild is in need of a new server.

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Nov 11th 2009 9:06PM Last chance?!?!


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Nov 4th 2009 7:17PM Here we go again!

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Oct 8th 2009 5:35PM Depends.

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My guildies say I have sharp teeth.

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Oct 7th 2009 6:51PM I would love to hear some Linkin Park coming out of those bad boys while we rock the Citadel!

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Oct 1st 2009 9:53AM Please!!!