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The Light and How to Swing It: Keybinding to streamline your tanking {WoW}

Oct 14th 2011 5:58PM Argh.. I hate the Razr Naga (I know, to each their own), but its akin to doing 10 key Data entry with just your thumb. highly inefficient. BUT.. it could be for you! Lots of great gaming mice out there though to fit anyone's ergonomics

Ready Check: Dealing with a low DPSer {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 1:05PM I have the issue where I'm a GM of a Family/Friends/Coworker guild. I am the GM, I am an Officer, I am a raider. While I do have other officers to assist when we're doing progression, it is quite a burden to take on in this kind of guild setting which is often just the same as when all of our family and/or friends are hanging out in person as well.

This article is a very good read, and I agree with it, but much of it is difficult to adhere to in our type of guild environment. This is for a much more strict type of guild, and those guilds are likely already practicing these kinds of guidelines.

Enter to win a Blazing Hippogryph and other loot {WoW}

Aug 1st 2010 3:30AM Blazin' Saddles! sign me up

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 5:20PM "Look, I'm Flying Jack!"
Sign me up!

Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 5:19PM From the screenshot, these look like Horde Night Vision Goggles, but whatever it is.. i'll, still put it on my head