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Flameseeker Chronicles: Come one, come all. Except you. {Massively}

Jul 19th 2011 12:39AM GW dungeons differ from WoW in that many players repeat them without actually needing them. I did DoA speedruns (a 40-50 minute dungeon with 70-80k payout per run) for half a year, and I had more money than I'd ever need by the end of the first few months. Several older guild members were swimming in money, and the only thing they did with them was stack ectos or DoA gems. Yet they kept doing it because it was fun. They did Underworld too, even though the rewards from it are like pocket change compared to the guild's main vocation. The point I am trying to make is that the most experienced players in UW, the ones that require a lot of stones, do so just because they like doing clean, fast, silent runs. I understand them - one can only train a single, or perhaps a duo of newbies in an 8-man group, and that is with voice chat. Otherwise, the run strays from the organized atmosphere a veteran with hundreds of runs is looking for. And due to stone buyers and random people who refuse to learn even after dozens of visits to the dungeon, even 150 stone groups often feature fabulous examples of "expertise" spread out among multiple party members.

The Daily Grind: Would you be as excited for Guild Wars 2 if it were a subscription game? {Massively}

Jul 6th 2011 12:58PM @alinos
Exactly why I don't care about WoW and am very excited for GW2. A non-subscription themepark MMO isn't forced into the pitfall of a subscription one, namely gear resetting and pushing out newer and newer raids, pandering to a specific player base. Not to say that casual leveling in WoW isn't fun, however in GW you can be casual and go about doing quests using your main, without outleveling all but the most recent content. In WoW, you either have to only stay in the latest expansion zones, make a new character to experience other zones, or be content with being grossly overpowered, as you try to experience Burning Crusade content on your maxed out main.

In a subscription themepark, you experience the latest content, made to hold you in the game for a few more months, and then be forgotten and never touched again, by neither players nor devs, as a new "tier" arrives. In a f2p themepark, you either grind your way to the unreachable max level, or, in the case of GW, you reach maximum power quickly, and then continue experiencing the world of the game, with updates being made to increase said world and become a permanent part of it.

Rise and Shiny recap: Order and Chaos Online {Massively}

Jul 3rd 2011 3:08PM The WoW's choking me..

CCP responds to monoclegate, reaches consensus with players {Massively}

Jul 3rd 2011 2:47AM I am not very satisfied - they acknowledged that communication was bad, promised that gold ammo will not be introduced, agreed that low-price items should have been implemented from the start, as well as addressed ship spinning and client performance. However, this is all just talking about the most recent instances of long-lasting issues. From a glance, I don't see them mentioning complaints about spending dev resources on something the players aren't enthusiastic about, nor overhyping said feature to get more players to care about it. I don't see them address the need for improvements in other sections of the game, that have long been neglected in favor of the unwanted features. I don't see any mention of the CSM not being consulted when implementing the vanity item prices. I don't see any mention of the 70$ monocle, aside from the "oh yeah, we should've had some cheaper items too". I don't see any mention of what caused CCP to remove a feature of the game (ship spinning) without a care for the players' opinions (the podcast regarding the fiasco actually had someone mention that this isn't the first time they've done this). I don't see any mention of why they were even talking about gold ammo, even though, you know, they aren't even allowed to consider it, previous statements and all.

They caused the biggest PR crisis in the MMO world (I hate using extremes, but this case actually calls for it). And they are getting away with it by promising that they'll look into the most glaring issue.

World of Tanks 6.5 patch debuts June 30th {Massively}

Jun 30th 2011 12:17AM The KV derp gun isn't overpowered. It's reload rate is ridiculous (the hetzer also has a gun that can blow away most, if not all, tanks of its tier and even some above it, yet it reloads 3 or maybe 4 times as fast), the spin of the turret is slow, if manageable, and the accuracy is abysmal at longer ranges. For a gun that requires you to aim carefully lest you miss a shot and be weaponless for about 20 seconds, and one that is easily circled if no support is present, it HAS to be one hit when it comes to smaller tanks. The problem is that the KV was until recently the only heavy tank in T5, and even now outperforms the american heavy. It has more to do with lower - tiered players not knowing how to deal with heavies (pin down and take potshots, as well as bombard, not face head-on) and charging straight at the KV.

Also, why does nobody ever mention the T7 KV gun? That thing does almost as much damage as the derp (in the respect that it oneshots small tanks, even though it doesn't kill lights just by hitting nearby ground), except it shoots much faster, and has range for a change. It also tends to have higher penetration too. I feel that some players who complain about it haven't really played the tank.

World of Tanks 6.5 patch debuts June 30th {Massively}

Jun 30th 2011 12:06AM Blix raises a fair point, premium - only platoons IS a retarded restriction. Especially when you are labeling the game as an MMO.

EVE Evolved: The day that EVE Online died, page 2 {Massively}

Jun 27th 2011 12:19AM CCP, in my opinion, needs to burn and die. It's not that I like seeing gaming companies go bankrupt and players losing their online homes, even less when most of those players are as dedicated as the EVE fanbase is. However, that company has passed the point of no return, if there is any at all, when it comes to arrogance and contempt for the playerbase. They clearly knew of the player opinion on the topic, yet they made plans for game-influencing MT, going against their previous statements and consciously putting prices that were much higher than expected, on the vanitiy MT. They further released a technically flawed patch, something that should be unforgivable, yet has been done on a regular basis. They have consistently failed to properly communicate with their community for a very long time (their PR is notorious for ineptitude). They spent a huge amount of development time on something that was both unwanted and unneeded for a good amount of the capsuleers, something they made mostly for use in another game, and something that was overhyped and underdelivered. It is a very bad example of the EVE fanbase's tolerance for the company's failures that all of these issues have remained for so long and are only causing this PR crisis after being brought to attention all at once in a coincidence that is so bad that can even look intentional.

CCP's actions are the worst examples of bad developer policies, all put together in a single PR accident I wouldn't believe possible if I hadn't seen it unfold with my own eyes in the last couple of days. And if a company that has failed this much in the eyes of its players recovers from this, the fiasco would also be the worst example of player tolerance. Not only because the issues that combined to cause this are by themselves newsworthy, but also because they have been going on for years.

Suspected LulzSec member arrested {Massively}

Jun 21st 2011 11:54PM I've always believed that there is a reason for them to make the attacks openly - they don't strike me as the kind of crackers that do it for the money. If they were of that type, they wouldn't be performing on-demand DDoS.
They could be doing it to show to the public and companies how lax security is: if those guys are doing it openly, there is a good possibility that many others are stealing info and just selling it without, you know, taunting the whole Internet about it.
Or, they could just be attention whores. I would expect that more from script kiddies though, and those guys do have some more aptitude than that.

SOE awards 2011 G.I.R.L scholarship {Massively}

Jun 21st 2011 2:48PM Can we stop beating that horse already?

APB gives closed beta testers in-game appreciation packs {Massively}

Jun 15th 2011 3:48AM Problem is, some guns do have close to zero spread (Star in particular, and it's a gun that shines in a good player's hands), and others can achieve it while not losing too much in firing rate (Ntec). Also, a good hack is never 100% hit with no spread, because it's way too obvious and makes detection and reporting on the hacker easier.