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EVE Online server offline due to DDOS attack {Massively}

Jun 15th 2011 1:47AM I think that's the point: get more attention to the fact that pretty much any site storing personal data save for a few juggernauts that are used to attacks can be hacked, and possibly increase attention to security. I also noticed how slow companies can be to report that your data is at risk (this is a DDoS attack, so it doesn't involve data theft, I'm primarily thinking of the Bethesda and Epic hackings) - if those guys are loud and announce to everyone that they have your data, there are bound to be some who are doing it purely for cash and won't tell you at all, and if the companies take their sweet time reporting it like Sony did, that's a problem.

Or they could be doing it purely for the lulz, as they claim. I suspect it's both.

Suspected Sony hackers arrested in Spain {Massively}

Jun 10th 2011 12:51PM @Puremallace
Check this out, it's quite insightful:
A PR announcement like that has no weight at all, Anon most likely has little to no leadership, and using the word "local" for an organization completely independent of geographical location (since they only operate on the Internet) just confirms that this is merely a statement to delude the uninformed masses.

WRUP: Nobody ever talks about what's actually wrong with addons edition {Massively}

Jun 4th 2011 7:01PM One of the reasons I'm reluctant to come back to WoW, and too keep playing it on the odd occasions when I do, is that I have to maintain the myriad of addons I have installed. When I start the game up and remember that I have a day of seeking out, installing, and setting up about 30 addons to look forward to, I usually call it quits. Want to have an edge at world PvP? Install spy. Want help with arenas? Get a few other addons. PvE? Same as the last answer. Auctioning? Good luck setting up that auctioneer. Also, make sure to create a dozen complicated macros, for all your prospecting, milling, disenchanting, etcetraetcetra needs. Then, add some of the addons you prefer for miscellaneous reasons. And if something breaks, don't forget to find out what it is and fix it accordingly.

No thanks.

The thing is, while this is indeed "choice", it is not part of the game itself, it's more like tacking on an extra-complicated installation that you have to redo every time a new patch comes out. And regarding the "If you're not using addons, it's because you aren't doing your best to be on top" argument, I would say it's another reason to hate addons - if they weren't there, everyone would always be on the same playing field in regards to information provided by the interface and tools to receive said information. The way it is now, if I want to be effective, I HAVE to install addons, just because everyone else does it, and because the developer creates content assuming that I have spent a sizable chunk of time customizing. In that sense, DBM doesn't make encounters easier, it makes encounters harder and forces everyone to use it to clear said encounters.

One Shots: Customization is king {Massively}

Jun 4th 2011 6:45PM @HiroProtagonist7

There are hackers around, but not as rampant, at least I haven't seen many lately. We have yet to see if Gamersfirst will take a solid stance against them as they claim they will, or ignore them entirely - a practice they've adopted in some of their games, according to some players.

ArenaNet dispels the controversy regarding the Guild Wars 2 Engineer {Massively}

May 27th 2011 5:35AM I'm fine with the engineer, as long as I see a mesmer. And if it's a blend between the ritualist and mesmer, well, that sounds even better - Guild Wars is one of the few MMOs to allow possession of more than a single minion, and it's always fun to play a class that does that, since it's so rare and unique.

Ask Massively: Clearly I need more totally random pictures edition {Massively}

May 27th 2011 5:30AM Regarding voice chat, one of the problems would be that it's not always apparently present - I've played some games where I realized its existence much later than I should have. Additionally, voice chat use is a lot more common among organized group players, meaning that trying to use the game's voice chat to contact randoms most often results in a chat conversation or a lack of reply - it's only common to have a microphone on hand and plugged in the computer if you're in a guild that requires it than if you're just doing some casual leveling. For example, in APB, if I were to enter in a random group, the most likely outcome would be one where nobody uses a mic, even when asked. The second most common outcome would be a clan group that has voice chat and is looking for a filler player. It's rare to meet a random player who is able to use voice chat.

Another problem is that ingame voice chat is not available out - of - game, and it often is zone/group - specific. It's customary for my guild wars guild to have 2 - 3 players who don't have their game turned on and are just hanging out in vent, either in wait for a dungeon invitation by a guildie or just to pass 10 minutes. And how do we go about alliance councils, which sometimes have more than 100 people connected? You can't force that many players to leave what they are doing to come within earshot of each other, and you can't exactly group with them either. Thus, at the very least, voice chat in a game needs to both be popularized by the developers and be independent of player location, group, guild, and faction, to be viable -

Elements of War begins testing with closed beta keys from Massively! {Massively}

May 25th 2011 6:52AM Not complaining, just asking if the game is worth checking out, and pointing out that I am being lazy :)

In any case, checked it out already. Turns out I wasn't as lazy as I thought I am.

Elements of War begins testing with closed beta keys from Massively! {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 9:24AM I had no trouble getting in the game itself, though the population is low and it's quite buggy. It's a real closed beta, not one of those trial betas that are popular with devs recently.

Elements of War begins testing with closed beta keys from Massively! {Massively}

May 22nd 2011 4:06PM Someone please tell me if this one is any good, since I'm too lazy to check myself.