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Breakfast Topic: Male or female? {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2011 1:54PM Female IRL, and mostly male for me. I go for pure aesthetic, and I just like how the males in wow look a bit more than the females. That being said, I do have some female preferences-my human mage is a female, for me it just looks so...classic and cool. My dwarven priest is designed as an old lady, because I love the idea of an old matronly dwarf woman. My planned human hunter will be a female, because a girl with a gun and a cool pet is just a neat idea in my head.

My plate guys are all that-dudes. I love the way the male toons look in the plate armor much more than the females. (Not all males-Undead males I don't think look all that hot in plate.) My blood elf 'harem' as it's joked about are all blood elf male plate wearers(2 warriors, one of which is my main, a paladin, and a death knight.) Alliance side I love Draenei males in heavy plate-they just look so big and cool. (I like Taurens as casters, of either gender. Can't explain why. I think it's their general 'wise' air.)

In the end, it's aesthetic-I can't get into male human casters for example, but I love female human casters-but I usually end up liking how the dudes look more-even in games with higher customizability. Can't explain it-just ends up that way.

Breakfast Topic: How do you prefer to access "hard modes"? {WoW}

Jun 4th 2011 12:33PM Ulduar's method by far. It was just a hundred times more fun and engaging than just hitting a toggle. I really wish they'd have stuck with it, I think a lot of the boss fights would have been even more engaging for it.

Another thing I think Ulduar got right was that-not every boss had a hardmode. You know? I was fine with that. Most did-the only ones who didn't were Ignis/Razor, Kolo and Auri(and, well, Algalon, though he was hardmode already). FL, Freya and Yogg all had several difficulty levels.

I sometimes think about different hardmode triggers, and what they might have been if other boss fights had them instead of just triggering them. They could have come up with lots of ideas; but alas, they decided the toggle method was better worth their time.

I'd love to see them go back to this, but I'm afraid I don't see it happening. Well, I'll always have the memories of Ulduar, at least.

Officers' Quarters: Firelands will not save your guild {WoW}

Jun 4th 2011 11:02AM I've been thinking about the state of the game for awhile, and I kinda wonder how it got this way; up and up and now coasting down.

I do think the good point of the game being 7 years old is worth repeating. Seven years is a *long* dang time on one game. It might just be that it's not necessarily the raids, content/lack thereofs, grind/lack of oldschool grind, or any of that; it might just be that the game has been out a long time and people all maybe just want a new MMO, period. Now, I don't think WoW is ever going to die completely. UO as far as I know has players. EQ 1 has players. I still know people who run private MUD servers. I have a feeling there will be people on WoW for many, many years to come.

But indeed, some people who were 17-21 and in college/just getting into college 7 years ago are now 24-28 year olds with jobs, busier schedules, possibly families and maybe not the time to put in the game anymore.

I actually wonder sometimes if Blizzard changed the playerbase, or the playerbase changed Blizzard, or if it's a little of A and B? Did the introduction of the easier-to-get gear/heroics/Puggable raids start turning people to prefer that model, or did people wish to have that model anyway and Blizzard finally provided it? Only to take it back after awhile, of course, when Cataclysm hit.

I admit sometimes I also wonder just what direction they wish to go with the game. They change things much more often than back in the old days(starting in the early LK, for example-first they divided 10/25 into Normal/Heroic mode. Then came Ulduar, with that + Activated hardmodes. Then came ToTC with 10/25 and Normal/Heroic toggles for each, which remained in ICC and RS. Then came the shared lockout, and the wish to put out a couple of average sized raids. NOW its up to ''smaller content, more often.'' )

Bah, I rambled. :D Really nice article though, and I did not read it as doomcrying at all; I read it as yeah, summer is a comin', the population has tumbled a little bit already(with 4.1 not really dragging many back from what I could see), a couple of(not a ton, just a few) servers are sort of falling over(the server I play on used to be one of the top 10 populated in the EU with pretty decent progression in TBC-most of LK, only to fall to under half of it's original pop with barely any progression guilds on it anymore in just a window of about six months.) I think some raiding guilds who are sort of teetering on the brink might want to take some of the advice in your other summer article.

Breakfast Topic: My paladin turned out to be a ninja {WoW}

Jun 17th 2010 11:52PM When I saw a Blood Elf Male kicking butt in plate, I realized I never want to play any other plate-type Hordeside. So I have a Retri, a DK, and soon to be Warrior. I found I prefer my athletic beefed male elf bashing in enemies. I like my NE male warrior as well, but my Belf male in plate will always be the ultimate choice for melee bashing for me. More elegant than an orc or tauren, but still brutal and strong looking.

On the opposite scale, I find I also fell in love with male troll hunters. I just LOVE their bow animations so much. Crouched down and firing, they just look so great. Casterwise horde-side...believe it or not, I fell in love with male orcs. As bulky as they are, I can't get enough of my Orc Warlock or Resto Shaman tossing out his spells.

Breakfast Topic: Preparing for the storm {WoW}

Mar 27th 2010 10:15AM First up I've been cleaning up on a bunch of BoA gear; just in case Blizzard doesn't let me transfer my NE warrior to BE straight away. Because i want him as my new main-I don't want him to fall behind the level of the other mains in the guild if it takes me about a month. Because my NE warrior is just sorta casually going around, I won't have my guild there and leveling him to 85 and waiting on the transfer while i level an alt in my Horde guild might get a bit boring.

So I got a second 2-H axe for 60, working on getting a second trinket and a 1-H sword to tank in instances with. Then he'll be loaded to the gills with BoA gear and be set for the trip to 80.

I'm super-stocking up on mats to level professions on him as well(cloth, ore, gems, etc). I have some lowbie alts who Im seeing 1-30 Azeroth one last time with, and who will be bankalts to hold said mats when it's all done. (I'd LOVE for them to get full-blown cross faction main going, even if for only your own characters. It would be a blessing.)

Of course-Blizz might well say ''oh, sure guys, transfer after 1 week'' or ''you can transfer right away but you're banned from getting Realm First 85'', in which case I'll have a bunch of BoA gear that I won't need for awhile. ;p I'm more or less prepping for a worst-case scenario(can't transfer for 2 weeks or more-getting a toon to 80 within 2 weeks is pretty easy for me.)

Otherwise i'm trying to farm the Baron mount(something like 75+ kills and still nothing, I thought we were friends!) on my DK, as he'll be my main alt and I'd love him to have it.

Breakfast Topic: Anticipation Syndrome {WoW}

Nov 26th 2009 1:12PM Well I was beginning to relax on my Blood Elf Warriors until I saw that pic. Now I just got my big giant-growthed titangripping blood elf guy vision back in my head again. ;)

Yes, I want my Blood Elf Furydood. I feel shallow that I should be wanting tons of new content, but I just want to hit things with a beefy blood elf.

Breakfast Topic: Race Change, your personal retcon {WoW}

Oct 29th 2009 6:00PM I'm waiting for the Blood Elf Warriors. Going to change my male NE warrior to a male BE warrior, since that best fits the concept of my elven tabletop warrior. (RP purposes, though I'm more a raider than a heavy online RPer, I do a lot of tabletop and some in WoW). He struts around town in Giant form(given a bit of old frost giant blood), and has an enormous axe and sword(Fury-spec). Blood Elf fits more than NE for him due to the 'nobility' background. I can't wait.

My UD mage will become an Orc-for the simple fact of Tchort having been on ice as Forsaken sorta...I dunno, lost their touch with me. I loved them in Vanilla, but I love a big hulking orcy guy in cloth.

Breakfast Topic: Worgen and Goblin dances {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 2:21PM I don't have any suggestions for the others(though I'd love to see a female with Elaine's dance from Seinfeld), but for Worgen Males:

I'd love to see this.

Breakfast Topic: What race would you change to? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2009 4:04AM Well, I'm changing my NE warrior to a Blood Elf Warrior. I wanted a BE warrior since TBC was announced, but alas, then I saw they couldn't be and I actually list that as the biggest class/race dissapointment ever(personally for me). Now I can finally make him in all his glory. That's more of a faction change, though. I have my Blood Elf Retri and Blood DK, and while my guys do awesome and are awesome, what I always wanted was my BE Furydood.

For a same-side change? My Forsaken Mage is going to become an Orc Mage. I love the way male orc casters look; and he's been on ice for awhile, a simple tailoring alt still at 70. Orc Mages will give me a reason to bring him out again I think.

Breakfast Topic: I miss trash {WoW}

Sep 20th 2009 12:34PM I admit-I'm not a huge trash fan for the most part. Though Ulduar trash-as it stands now-is cool with me. I guess for me, the biggest fun of raiding is getting together with my mates and figuring out/downing the big beast or boss or whatever it happens to be. The trash is just kinda...there. BUT...

...there IS the 'for the most part' bit I said. I really enjoyed Kara's trash for some reason, as well as BWL trash. (Most other Outland instance trash I can REALLY do without.) There should be a good, happy medium somewhere with trash. What I would like to see:

-Trash in the Kara/BWL vein. But...

-LONG respawn timers(but see below.) Since most of the fun of the fights for me are the actual big encounters, I want to be able to, well, pay attention to them without suffering from huge respawns. I'd rather have some trash on a nice long respawn timer(if any), and a challenging boss fight after-which we can't clear after the first night likely(again, like BWL, my favorite instance probably), but something to work on. Short respawn timers on tons of trash bother me, I'll say that. There were times back in the day where the short respawn timers just got in the way and actually burned us out with despair(after X wipes to a boss we are learning, to see the trash come back was usually a time to just call the raid for the night out of frustration.)

Note that second part could be waived if it's specific to the room(Freya's trash, the short respawns of the Supression Room or in BRD in the Lyceum). The POINT of those specific areas are quickly-respawning trash you need to take care of and be on your toes. (But old, old, SSC-as they say no sir, I didn't like it.)

I think there should be a good mix of areas. It's cool to have a ''big boss cave'' with little to no trash, but also places like Ulduar with well-done trash(I admit Ignis' trash when Ulduar opened annoyed us. We cleared it, and with few problems, but it just..annoyed us). Icecrown could maybe be divided into wings-some with more trash than others, perhaps, but hopefully keeping a ''good'' feel to the trash and not just 500 waves of stuff that acts like timefiller.