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Dev Watercooler: Ghostcrawler on class roles {WoW}

Feb 9th 2012 8:41AM I have never really understood the whole racial / class / role / stats thing, it seems like a system that really limits you into very specific boxes with little room for improvement.

When you roll a toon, you should have the flexibility to choose anything you like, make them a tank, dps, healer, ranged, melee, hybrid, pve, pvp anything you like. Make it part of the character development, and allow swapping between the systems in the end game with limitations.

If you want multiple specced toons then role alts for that.

allow all toons to pick any ability they like, picking tanking type abilities makes you grow larger more physical, picking pure spell like abilities less development physically etc.

This may end up with a lot of generic spells and abilities, so when you learn a spell, why not let the toon choose to modify it, with a limited set of appearances, graphics, colours etc. Not to modify the numbers or casting mechanics.

Make the stats common across all toons, maybe would need more of them, as today the only thing they do is make the player read up what is the latest weights and apply accordingly not very fun.

It kind of makes sense as when a toon is created and knows nothing, why should it be already determined that they are a class as they know nothing, your toon should develop a class through their learning and experiences in the game. Maybe spend time with various class type factions, the more time spent with them the more of that class you become, or less specialised and more hybrid if you choose with multiple factions.

Anyway just another idea throwing it out there :)

BlizzCon 2011: Samwise on Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 3:39AM Blizzard needed to pull something out of the bag to really up their game and start to compete with all the new mmo's that are out and coming out next year.

Unfortunately this was just not good enough for me, cancelled my sub after 5 years, their are better more modern mmos's out there. I guess there devs are just not innovative enough anymore and their best guys are now on titan.

They should have produced a new planet to explore, massive world many many zones, 2 new races, new professions, new cost model, new leveling approach or just get rid of leveling all together, new talent system that was actually radically different, offline progressions, mobile clients for in game activities, player generated content editor, dynamic worlds, more individual experience.

This would have been an mmo to subscribe to. Its diablo for me for sure now. Its a shame that a game with so much potential still is just run into the ground with small incremental improvements it now needs a step change in innovation.

I guess if it was too good this expac it would have eaten into their sc2 and diablo sales, wouldnt what that would we.

Spiritual Guidance: The aftermath of patch 4.1 for holy and discipline priests {WoW}

May 2nd 2011 1:00PM Great post always

I have only healed in cata as we were short of healers int he 10 mans,
(this might actually be an advantage as I dont know any other way to play)

but all is going well, tbh I have really noticed the nerfs and play disc, my gear isnt stella but healing za and zg is no problem now, even with pugs :)

The tactics really help to prevent too many magic debuffs etc, the intense healing moments are really intense, but I am using blinding heal loads and even flash heal.

using power infusion, PwB, Pain Suppression on all the boss fights.

I am not worried about burning through mana
fiend on every pull
I find the odd moment to do hymn of hope
and use ghost elixir for most runs as its dirt cheap
Whitecrest Gumbo food spirit buff as its quite cheap
tracking rapture so its always up.

also use potion of concentration on some fights but not all

I have to say I havnt gone oom on any of the fights.

If peeps stand in the fire or do silly things then they will die and there is nothing you can do about it.

I am using the addon Mactics

Just click on the boss and type /mct and your party will get short tactics in chat, this is perfect for pugs when someone hasn't been before.
Priests rock the healing charts at the moment.

Roll on firelands it cant come soon enough :)

Spiritual Guidance: Macros for healing priests {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 5:47PM yes i know, about pwb lol, its was from the top of my head, but I think you get the idea :)

Spiritual Guidance: Macros for healing priests {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 12:42PM Great article very handy,
please don't stop writing I love to read your priest posts,
a lot of my macros are like this:

#showtooltip Power Word: Barrier
/cast [@mouseover, exists] Power Word: Barrier;
/cast [@player] Power Word: Barrier

cast it on the raid frame I am over or if not cast it on myself.

Inner Focus macro is like this

#showtooltip Binding Heal
/cast Inner Focus
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast Binding Heal

I have always played wow on a mac laptop, I like to be with my family while playing wow, its great when the whole family is involved in your hobby.

So I use touch tap on the mouse pad but not mouse click.
1 finger tap for left mouse button
2 finger tap for right button
2 finger slide for zoom in / out
3 fingers slide for camera angle
this leads to very fast healing using vudo, I just mouse over the vudo raid frame and tap.
I only use target for the boss and focus target for multiple bosses.

My other hand is always on the movement and modifier keys,
I tend to always be on the move when I can.

My setup is,
Left 1 finger tap
no mod: PoM
Shift: PwS
Ctl: Flash Heal
Shift+Ctl: Target
Shift+Alt: Blinding Heal
Ctl+Alt: Fear Ward

Right 2 finger tap
no mod: Greater Heal
Shift: Penance
Alt: Heal
Ctl: Power Infusion (or keyboard shift 0)
Shift+Ctl PoH (or keyboard 1)
Shift+Alt: Pain Suppression (or keyboard O)
Ctl+Alt: PwBarrier (or keyboard shift T)

Y for dispell, Alt Y cure disese, Shift Y Mass Dispell
F shadow fiend
2 Divine Hymn
T Fade
P Desperate Prayer
- Res
. Leap of faith

Its just natural and instinctive now, as with all layouts if you use them long enough, I know I don't have the fast mouse turn option, but keyboard moving and strafing does everything I need to, plus on all instant casts I am usually on the move anyways.

Anyway each to their own, keep on healing :)

The Daily Quest: Call to Arms {WoW}

Apr 11th 2011 6:14PM
I think take the cross server part of LFD away, and many issues are solved,
yes you will be queuing from a smaller pool, but if your attitude is bad then you soon get a name on your server and generally guilds dont like getting bad names from their members.

I heal mainspec now, and I have no interest in LFD, its not worth the hassle for the points or any loot blizz can come up with. I actually dont see that many bad dps to be honest, yes there are some, but not the majority by a long shot. I see many many bad tanks, chain pulling, no cc, no marking, blaming everyone around them, they think they are special I guess and everyone is just there to support them.

So the new bribe approach is not going to work on the good tanks, as they will be raiding and well geared, and lets face it they just don't need to LFD they can guild run, but it will encourage the bad tanks that are just in it for the loot and couldn't care less about tanking as a role. Even more reason to put off the healers and even the DPS.

The only way to fix stuff, is if the actions of individuals has consequence. Today the chance of ever meeting the same character in a LFD group is very low, so they can be as bad as they like and there is no consequence. Rating players can be abused, clicking on a 'like' this player for example opens a whole other hornets nest of problems.

WoW is a social game, its very hard to play wow without being sociable, so reputation on local servers effects social groups and play, before LFD, using trade or setting your name to be available for grouping, was a pain, but you got to know the people that put together good groups, as they were discerning and you knew you would always get a decent group. If you were known to cause trouble you didnt get picked simple, problem solved, self controlling, self managing.

I think I would rather have a little more trouble to make groups but have higher quality groups, than making it easy but the majority are just bad experiences.

I also think that the LFD issues are being confused with the general feeling towards Cataclsm by blizzard, I would rather them focus on why many many people are leaving wow or having a break rather than fixing LFD.

Call for Submissions: On the road with World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2010 6:16PM Well I travel and in hotels every week,
I wow and raid in the week no problem if you know whats going on.
I use a macBook Pro new one with the separate graphics card, works amazing for wow.
I use vent but through cross over running the windows client for the codec, works fine.

I find the big hotels to be a problem, if you are in a hotel with wifi and they have 500 rooms or more it will always be a problem, as the the big chains pay for a managed service, which is a modest pipe that is traffic shaped and load shared across all the concurrent users, so at 7:00pm the performance is bad I have seem latency of 5000ms.
Also the larger hotels tend to have more business guests which are heavy wifi users.

So I go for the small high class country hotels, higher level of service, no more than 50 - 80 rooms, and they tend to have a lower number of business guests, so I always get about 6Mb and 50-100ms max latency (usually lower) on wifi which is perfect for raiding.

:) happy raiding.

The sudden popularity of GDKP {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2009 1:54PM
Not sure I really like this approach,

The richest always get the best gear no matter what.
If you are poor this system might make you rich, but the richest always win.

It seems like a raiding tax, you cant raid without g and be successful.
If you are well geared as a group, only a very few pieces are actually needed, and therefore the overall pot would be small at the end.

This only seems to work if you have a mixed geared group, some rich and some poor, the richest will always get the best loot, and the wealth is distributed to narrow the gap.

If you are all rich and well geared it doesnt work, as you dont need the g and dont waste 1000s on a single piece.
If you are all poor then it doesn't work, as the end pot will be small and not worth all the effort.

I think the trouble to get the right mix of group to make it all work is just not worth the effort. Linking raiding to g is not healthy for happy raiding I think.

Blood Pact: Warlock guide to surviving Trial of the Crusader, part 1 {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2009 3:26AM Great to see bloodpact back

an interesting read, some other things to try,

Acidmaw and dreadscale, use the demonic circle,
just put one near the dreadscale tank to get rid of your poison

There was a rumour that the teleport dispells the poison itself but I dont think this works, needs confirming.

Not a good idea to banish the infernals for Jaraxxus, because they start to build up and overwhelm you, best to just burn them all down asap.

IceHowl use a demonic circle to port out the way of a charge :)

What I am really interested in is the ToC pvp bit and warlock strategy for CCing, as I am finding this tough. I use a pvp destro spec and gear for the trinkets, set buffs and glyphs.
Demonic circle to port and kite melee classes is good, banish the warlocks pet, alternate fear and poly with a mage to eliminate the dimishing effect.

Valkyrs, drop a demonic circle near a portal for fast colour switching during vortex and pact.

and yes the circle is my favourite spell :)

Love for the locks.