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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Swift Shorestrider from {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2011 2:18AM I say old bean. A contest on WoW Insider that we can enter from Merry Olde England?

What-ho! Count me in!

Around Azeroth: Rainy day Orcs 12 & 35 {WoW}

Nov 5th 2011 10:53AM I would offer, "Quidquid latine dictum sit, amet quam."

Apple vaults into top 5 PC maker spot in UK, Western Europe {}

May 20th 2011 10:07AM British people Think Different.

Not at BlizzCon? Enter to win a Tabard of Flame anyway {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 1:54PM I can haz tabard? Kthnxbai.

Insider Trader: Faction recipes for enchanters {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 1:36PM Especially as [Formula: Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike] bestows spell [b]hit[/b] not spell [c]crit[/b] as stated...

PTR maintenance concludes, Hallow's End up for testing {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 2:05AM Yes and other than the fact you just made up a Nov release date for WotLK - I completely agree with you...

Should the expansion add levels to the game? {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2007 2:32PM Speaking as someone whose highest level toon is only 40, new expansions for me hopefully mean new races, classes and questing areas.

I've not seen any endgame content and am never likely to. Blizzard have already set precedents with the revisit to Forest Song in Ashenvale, so I don't see why they can't do more of this in the expansion.

Apple to Asia: no movies for you {}

Sep 14th 2006 2:29PM Apple to North America: the presence of legal downloads of movies and TV shows has successfully exorcised the threat of piracy.


Will we see iTunes 7 tomorrow? {}

Sep 11th 2006 4:33PM I would echo mkuker's suggestion; I'm anally retentive enough to make sure that my library is properly organised by artim, album and genre. I'd also like to make sure that it was chronologically ordered by album as well.