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The Queue: Pandaria is open on the beta {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 8:13AM "Oh hey, here's this Mount Everest sized pile of money. Let's light it on fire."

The Queue: Written pandaren {WoW}

Mar 20th 2012 11:11AM I'm going to miss Have Group, Will Travel. It made me feel important as I'm always the first one to the raid :(

Female pandaren model coming March 19 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2012 9:49AM But...Red Pandas are the cutest animals in the entire world!

Know Your Lore: 5 must-do Horde zones to complete before Mists {WoW}

Mar 11th 2012 8:47PM Oh god, I agree. It twists my heart just looking at Camp T...

Ghostcrawler talks game systems in final Cataclysm post-mortem {WoW}

Mar 7th 2012 2:19PM I'm really starting to get excited for MoP now.

Official Scroll of Resurrection revamp details {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 10:15PM Oh dear. I used a second account for the RaF back in Wrath...Time to see if I can remember the username and password!

The Queue: I would not hire Tails {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 11:52AM SatAM is by far the best Sonic cartoon ever created.

Patch 4.3.3 will break the current 64-bit WoW client {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 10:09AM Why does it feel like Blizzard is trololol'ing?

Around Azeroth: Love over gold? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2012 10:49AM Looks more like a mating ritual

3 things Warzones taught me to love about Battlegrounds {WoW}

Feb 20th 2012 7:58PM The lag issue that you mentioned is the reason I went back to playing mostly WoW. My PC can easily handle WoW at decent graphics while I watch, for example, ST:TNG, on Netflix in Firefox. With SW:TOR I go down to 5 or so FPS while attempting to complete my daily in Illum with absolutely nothing else open.