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World of WarCrafts: The Tale of Pally Pete {WoW}

Sep 25th 2009 7:03AM hi, anybody know the lyrics? i tied to put them down but got lots of blank spots and words i am not sure about:

Jamie Brown
The Tale of Pally Pete

As the sun sets over Goldshire,
and howel of the wolf pierces the night,
a tall old ??chatter?? falls upon dusty eager ground
choking out what's left of day light

The folks were always talking 'bout a stranger,
a stranger that no one could ere defeat,
could it be that this little town in Elwyn forest
was about to meet the man called "Pally Pete"

choir: Pally Peeeete

????????????????????? ten more??? and never grow the sweat
??he don't need medal as a red banded and gain a??? shiny tier 9 set
never will you meet a man so beau and spry and ??lead??
stay away from Pally Pete

As the dust settles underneath his feet,
he darkenes the old aliance ???bride and door??
the pictures from every land goes far and wide
turn to see this famous metal ??lore ??

??but from the crowd the sticker rogue the silence??
??and after follow?? any group and crew
you see this legendary man, oh lord
but he's still no more then ???

choir: tiny Peeeete

Pete sat him down and ordered him a stout
I don't care lets go do a win without a doubt
choir: accept the Pete
he just smiled to that and said to that I'll meet you on the street.
Whats up the sleeve of Pally Pete?

well the walked to the street and took 10 paces
and that was making justed old piece tight
from all the sudden Pete revealed his two hand mace
and cast upon himself blessino might

Pete: Now it's a fight!

the rest I can explain 'couse its just ??gibberish on the tell??
lets just say that dwarfs don't take the height jokes all that well
He could gain respect from all the folks he did meet
that's the tale of Pally Pete