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We Have a Tabard: Gone but not forgotten {WoW}

Sep 27th 2009 9:57PM ummm... guys who cares if he moved his guild to an alt it's not like he ruined the peoples lives, if the want the could just leave the guild.

We Have a Tabard: Gone but not forgotten {WoW}

Sep 27th 2009 9:22PM i am currently a GM (Hellborn Heroes-Runetotem) and I was at a slow progression rate. It is true, only a few people are really determined I had the exact opposite problems than the ones in the article. My problem was that: it's hard to get determined players. My guild isn't raiding yet, in fact the character I have that is leading the guild isn't even close to hitting 80 yet. But even so, it's really hard to just go sit on the trade channel and keep saying is recruiting members! We have a tabard and we are currently working on getting a SECOND bank tab!!! PST!!!... it just doesn't work that way. In what I have learned in recruiting members (good ones anyway), is to run a few instances and raids with people. Most of my guild members are people I've lvled with therefore they know me and are loyal. So my advice is to create a guild in an earlier lvl, slowly progress, get new members, and one day you'll have a GOOD raiding guild, so be patient. Creating a guild at lvl 80 and jumping in to raiding right away gets to hectic. Think of it as lvling an alt you start at 1 and work to 80 that's the same way guilds are (or at least should be).