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Breakfast Topic: What cemented your interest in WoW? {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 11:33AM Deadmines. as soon as i first ran it, i was hooked. i thought, "ooh, miners. meh. 2-headed ogre boss? seen it. ROBO-GOBLIN? better, but i think i might go back to runescape. CAVE PIRATES? long live wow.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 12:21PM just putting my ticket in for the raffle.

i would like to say i like to use the world enlarger as much as possible on my gnome, and a little white pony ridden by a miniature gnome would equate to a gnome the size of a dwarf's shin riding an ant.

WoW developer Twitter chat transcript, sorted by category {WoW}

Feb 27th 2010 3:57AM @MasterAsh Blizzard has hinted that they would be releasing a new demon in cata, it was mentioned in an answer to a question about possible new warlock demon skins during the jan 15 blizzard dev twitter chat

Jante Law and player psychology {WoW}

Sep 29th 2009 9:10PM I have a problem getting my ideas across, so I apologize in advance if some of my post is misread or misunderstood. I do know that most, if not all, is solid in thought, and might take a little bit of interpretation to understand all.

Achievements can be received through pure luck, or even if you die and the rest of your group manages to pull it off anyways, and as such should be ignored for the most part when it comes to 5 man PUGs. The same with gear, although that can also be purchased and/or stolen.

As for people who do not know how to play, that is because they might not be motivated or even know how to go about finding out how to play correctly, how to gear, and proper specs/rotations. That, and everyone who discriminates them for these things fails to follow through with the second part of that style of teaching they seem to forget so often about, the helping portion, where they show their improv student the right way to do things. Just because the resources are out there and readily available to you does not mean it is alright to ridicule them for it and then walk away.

A minority of those newcomers who need to be shown the agreed-on "correct" way to play a class get lucky and join a guild full of helpful people. A large number still need help though, and you really can get to level 80 without having learnt anything more than the lore of the game and how to auto-shot your way through a fight.

Yes, it might be better for you to screen for better players and just get the gear and achievements to show them off and feel special, but through personal experience I have found getting those very same achievements and gear with a group of friends who have learned alongside you how to play correctly is twice as rewarding as simply having the gear.

Getting shiny gear to feel special and stronger than your peers is nice, but your past actions and statements, not your gear, will determine if you are worth the trouble when someone is looking for more for their raid or instance. On a side note, you are more likely to succeed at a task and learn from the experience if its a positive memory, so try and have fun, as well as make it fun for others, while inside the instance. I quit using PUGs because I found a guild with a similar skill level to mine and one made of fun people, and every PUG I joined was full of quiet or angry people.

I have a learning impairment and I choose to teach those I meet in-game that I dont think could figure mechanics out for themselves, and that is partially because I do not see many other positive influences on my server. I probably should not teach as it is difficult to get my sentences to make sense at times, but if I can teach a level 22 basic mechanics and rules in the game (what gear they should look for, how to choose and then play a "spec", what the heck a PUG is), what is stopping others from helping besides ego? Sure, we all play to relax or excel in an alternate reality but why the need to make it a negative experience for others to miss out on enjoying?