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Breakfast Topic: When real life Cataclysms hit {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 8:53AM I live in Manila, Philippines so I witnessed said real cataclysm, only my own neighborhood wasn't flooded. Many of my co-workers' homes were ruined though. The atmosphere in our once-happy office has turned somber. A co-manager and I passed the hat to help those who were hard-hit. We're doing our best to cope with the situation, and one way for me to beat the stress is by playing WoW in the evenings after I've tucked my little girls in bed. It may seem like a shallow escape (at least to people who don't appreciate MMOs) but hey, to each his own. Real life is hard enough. I appreciate having WoW in my life to provide a few hours of escape/therapy/entertainment as I play different characters and meet the most interesting people.

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P.S. Heard there's another super typhoon headed for my country. Heaven help us.

Doing something nice for other players {WoW}

Sep 30th 2009 8:35PM I don't charge lowbies for running them through instances. I find it cruel how some players can charge 40g for a run through RFC (!). I've given some gold to nice level 20s for riding training. I help in group quests even if I'm not on that quest. I don't play the gear snob and reject someone's request to join our little party -- how can that person gear up/know the fights if he can't get into the good runs?

While my generosity has been abused by a few, I'm fortunate enough to have encountered more decent people in the game.