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Breakfast Topic: Crafting pride {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2009 8:19AM I recently just picked up Leatherworking on my rogue and the first pattern I bought was Heavy Leather Ball. It's always nice to have a toss-around in 5 mans to see who will throw back (Or to those who even notice it in their inventory).

Doing something nice for other players {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 10:14AM It's more of what nice thing I will be doing once something happens. My friend and I just recently got Wrath so making our way out through Northrend as somewhat of a competition to see who could hit 80 first with our mains. My friend had hit it first (and I've still yet to hit 80) and is still trying to get geared is lost where to go, so he's decided to roll a Shaman alt like when he used to play Vanilla back in the day. Instead of making a new one, his birthday just recently passed, I've mailed him money so he can transfer is old 60 Shaman to the server and I have him awaiting a Tankard O'Terror once he arrives.

On the flip-side, lots of acts of kindness has made there way to me. Once example, I was in a very-very small guild recently, about 5 members on at a time maximum, but we were a tightly knit group. Most of them were 80s and I would constantly ask for them to run me through BC instances and such. When I saw my first Mechano-hog, I thought "Oh man, I so wanna get that mount" and was even happier that it was a 2-seatter so I could roam the paths of Azeroth on this sweet ride. However I was severely disappointed when I saw the level 80 requirement and I couldn't get it. A guildie has messaged me saying he could get me all the non-K3 materials for 850g. So I went and gave him the money and 3 days later in my mailbox I see 12 Titansteel Bars, 2 Arctic Furs and 40 Cobalt Bolts. I didn't know how to thank him.