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WoW Rookie: Grouping 101 {WoW}

May 13th 2010 2:44PM If you are a newbie DPS, don't forget that it's always good to only attack what the tank is attacking so that there is less of a chance of you accidentally pulling someone off the tank and causing the healer to get all pissy. To do this, set up a simple Assist macro and click it as needed to keep your focus your blows where they need to be.

To set up a simple Assist Macro:

1. Open the Macro interface in Wow by typing "/macro" in the dialogue area of your interface.
2. Click "New" and pick any icon you want. Call the new Macro Assist.
3. In the command box type:

/Assist focus

4. Drag the icon you chose to a place on one of the bars in your interface. Someplace easy for you to reach and use a lot. Click Ok (or whatever) to get out of the macro interface.
5. At the start of the instance, find the tank in your group (s/he will be the one with the little shield icon by their name), Right click on him and choose "Set Focus"
6. When you do this, this player will appear as a kind of secondary icon in the upper left of your screen.

Now, before casting a spell, or running up to a group the tank pulled, click on Assist. This will allow you to focus and hit the same target the tank is hitting.

This is the simplest Assist macro I know, but there are also other modifications you can add to make your life a bit easier. For instance, say you are a Hunter. You could both set your assist focus and cast Hunter's Mark at the same time by adding a line to this macro:

/assist focus
/cast Hunters Mark

Or say you are a rogue. You could misdirect:

/assist focus
/cast [@focus] Misdirection

etc... You can Google "assist tank macro" for other ideas for other classes if you want.

Is NBC Dead? {Inside TV Blog}

Oct 1st 2009 12:44PM It just feels like NBC has totally given up. They are not even **competing** in the 9/10pm hour. When you think of all of the good shows... shows that have subsequently earned extra income in re-runs and in DVD sales... that have occurred over the years in that time slot, it seems like a amateur move. What in the heck were they thinking?

For instance, how about we take L&O:SVU being down in the ratings. I think you can attribute at least some of that to the hour it is being shown. The 8/9pm hour is not really appropriate for a show about rape and other sexual deviances. That's one for after the small children go to bed.

I'm sure some of their other dramas that would have played fine in the 9/10pm hour will either be mellowed out for 8/9pm hour or will be inappropriate for the time slot. That's not the way to find the next ER or L&O. That's playing with one hand tied behind your back.

Jay Leno may be fine and dandy (although what little I have seen of it... I'm not sure that I would say that exactly), but totally taking yourself out of the running in the Adult Drama category seems like a stupid move.