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Obama vs. Wal-Mart: Someone's in over his head... {BloggingStocks}

Nov 18th 2006 1:30AM Yes, these guys definately could have picked a better appearance to make than the Walmart we know today.

However, I find it very telling that we hear about this instead of the great things Obama is doing legislatively. Examples: Just this month Obama and REPUBLICAN senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma introduced a bill calling for an online database of federal spending records accessable to the general public; Another bill introduced by Obama that 'Requires the notification of state and local officials should hazardous chemicals be released into a community'; Just a week ago he introduced a bill aimed at improving the benefits of our brothers and sisters returning from service overseas. Specifically of interest, a provision that requires that reservists and guardsmen be eligible for the same benefits as active duty troops.

People should stop and look at the folks who are doing meaningful work for their constituents. If anyone cares to trot out their example of a congressperson who's doing better work right now in Capitol Hill I want to hear about it..trot em out and I'll cheer for them too. Democrat, Republican or Independant doesn't matter one little bit people. I mean really..we all have families, jobs, bills, etc and we all want the same thing..LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.

Lets all try to look a little further than just the latest headlines or what party you marked on your voter registration card. Do some research and find out who is shaking the establishment up a little bit and support their good works.

Just for the record im an Independant living in Western Nebraska

Breakfast Topic: You Knew the Group Was Doomed When.... {WoW}

Sep 12th 2006 4:56PM Druid: I don't heal im Feral/Moonkin

Priest: Is it ok if I go Shadow form for this run? Afterall we have a druid.

Lock: Aww man I forgot to farm shards

Warrior: Shield?

Mage: WTF why no healz!!

Pally: I'll tank but I don't heal im Ret (this includes healing himself)

Rogue: I'll tank

Hunter with pet out: Whoops Sorry!! or Uh oh! *as pet pulls train of mobs back to group

Group: Hunter can you pull?
Hunter: /scattershot