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Breakfast Topic: How to be realm-famous {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 2:09PM Does being featured once directly and twice by-proxy on WoWinsider guild watch make me real famous?

Either way: Realm fame is a fickle friend.

Once, I was an innocent young lass famous for writing WoW-ized songs, organizing massive scale cross-faction PvP bounty events in the Gurubashi Arena and being the recruitment officer for a guild known for being wild and crazy fun people.

Then it all went terribly terribly wrong.

I would advise NOT doing the following things in a one month span of time:

1. Organizing a coup and forcing your unstable GM out of the guild, causing a chain of events that include your guild forums and DKP being deleted, a 12 page realm forum thread and your guild website getting hacked.

2. Accepting a rare drop mount as a gift from a friend whose guild is selling said mounts. This is a very bad idea and can only lead to rumors and whispers about how you paid for the mount.

3. Gquitting your wild and crazy fun guild because the drama wake of the GM quitting never settled down. This leads to more 12 page threads with dissertations about your skill as a player, usefulness as an officer and personal psychology.

In conclusion, real fun can be fun, but its generally overrated and rarely positive.

Diavola, Windrunner