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Of monks, mains, and the ability to change {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2012 8:24AM My druid has been my main since day 1. She was resto through BC raiding before going moonkin for wrath. I have never, ever considered changing mains.

Until now.

Honestly, I feel like I'm underperforming as a moonkin, and I'm tired of trying to figure out why. I know what to do, I execute to the best of my ability, and I still feel like overall I'm one of our lowest dps.

Unless something drastic changes and I really feel like I can kick butt with moonkin in beta, I'll be looking at a minimum of a spec change, if not a main change altogether. I hate that, I never wanted to be anything but a druid, but I don't want to be fail. I need to find something I'm really, really good at.

Drama Mamas: Should a WoW widow become a WoW player? {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 3:27PM I think the advice is spot on. Whether real or perceived, Shannon feels left out, and that needs to be dealt with PDQ, World of Warcraft or not.

As far as the gaming side of it goes, my husband quit play WoW last year. I had taken a break with him but started back last fall. It has been a little bumpy. We had to work out what was best for us in terms of time and making everyone feel equal. Here's our arrangement:

>>I raid Monday, Wednesday, and Tuesday after the kids are in bed. If, on any one of those nights, my husband needs me--long day at work, emotionally draining, or just missed me--I will take the night off and spend it with him as long as he tells me he needs me and doesn't assume I know it.

>>Thursday and Sunday are mostly game-free nights. We usually watch a TV show or a movie together that night after the kids are in bed.

>>Friday and Saturday nights I play SWTOR with him. That's his game of choice, and I joined him in a pretty relaxed guild, so we log on for a couple of hours on the weekend and run ops.

>>The second Friday of every month is Parent's Night Out. For $4, our kids stay for 3 hours at our local church, eat dinner, play games, run around, and do other things that kids do. While they do that, we go out on a date night. This is non-negotiable. It's also the day I look forward to more than any other every single month.

The bottom line is get to the root of the issue first (our initial issue was that my husband felt like I was unavailable on raid nights, and that bugged him--understandably. So we talked about it until we found a solution, which is me volunteering to walk away from a raid whenever he asks me to).

Then, find a balance. Figure out what works for you. Make some things non-negotiable.

And if a date night is possible and you're not already doing one, do it! If it helps, ask him to pick the activity (if you trust his judgement!) or the restaurant, etc. No matter how old you are, how old your kids are, how grossed out they are when you kiss (lol), you NEED that time alone with your spouse.

Even if you do end up talking about children and video games, or maybe that's just us. :-P

Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 8:58AM The funny thing is, I hate Facebook games, but I like the farm thing.

My only issue will be if I'm expected to pester my friends (and in turn, my friends pester me) in order to participate. If that's the case, I won't be involved.

Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2012 8:53AM Challenge Modes are separate from general instances, and they're intended for groups of people to go in and do them together. I doubt you'll find a lot of people trying to PuG these (or, if they do, getting extremely frustrated).

Not everyone does hard mode raids, but some of us love them, and as the previous poster said, Challenge Mode is intended for those types of people. While I think it's fine not to be excited about Challenge Mode because it's not your thing, to assume that the regular instances will not be interesting because Challenge exists is a fallacy.

Check out WoW Insider's own piece describing the new 5-mans. Jade Serpent and the Brewery both sound pretty engaging to me:

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a special spot in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 9:50AM My husband favored Ironforge, too. For him, it was the wagon to the side of the bank.

He played a gnome rogue throughout vanilla, and whenever he'd get done with a raid and wrap up his guild business, he'd take his little rogue, jump in the wagon, and /sleep. When he quit the game, I was tasked with cleaning out his characters and sending their gold and supplies to myself.

Since I was the last one to see his characters in-game, I took each of them to a special place to log out. His mage was at the top spire of Dalaran in his Wound Dressing, weary from the battle, and his Death Knight returned to Ebon Hold, but his little rogue made a trip to Ironforge to sleep in his favorite wagon.

I'm not going to lie, I shed a few tears.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a special spot in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 9:45AM I miss Dalaran in general. I really, really loved that place.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a special spot in WoW? {WoW}

Feb 28th 2012 9:44AM This. All of my characters make the trip to the Dark Portal and walk through it the first time they go to Outlands, and I can't imagine doing it any other way.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a crush on a minor NPC? {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 9:14AM As for me, I don't really have a crush on an NPC. I have a crush on another Blizzard figure, but I got in trouble with my husband for mentioning that on Valentine's Day... ;-P

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a crush on a minor NPC? {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 9:12AM His name was Theridan.

I came to Stormwind some years ago. I grew tired of the dark shores of Kalimdor and sought a change. I was new, young. Fragile. I needed a druid to take me under his wing and train me in the skills that would help me succeed and grow in my path to understanding and communing with nature.

Theridan was that druid. Once I met him, I never trained with another. I sought him out as he stood under the warm sunshine of Stormwind's Park. He greeted me warmly, he taught me everything I needed to know, and some things I didn't. I loved him.

I was still in the cold north when I heard of Deathwing's return. I raced back to Stormwind. Immediately I was asked to assist, but I couldn't--not yet. I needed to check on Theridan.

The park lay in ashen crumbles. The moonwell on which he used to stand lay buried on the bottom of the sea.

When I tell you that I take Deathwing's return personally, trust that I mean it.

Breakfast Topic: What is your class theme song? {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 9:26AM I'd be interested in seeing a sample of people's raiding/PvP playlists...