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WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 12:57PM I must own if only i could ride it around Dal.

Lichborne: Patch 3.2 Death Knight changes in-depth, Part II {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2009 2:06PM I'm just sad as it seems like my unholy DW spec is just fading away. It was kind of a shock to me that Frost was picked as the DW tree. I'm not trying to top DPS charts as I really enjoy the DW play style....I guess when 3.2 hits the PTRs I'll have to play around with a frost build and see how that feels.

I just enjoyed the speed of DW, diseases of unholy & the comfort of the PermaGhoul ripping my enemies apart... Guess my main will be getting even more play time and the DK just sitting on the bench.

Engadget Podcast 117 - 11.07.2008: Zune giveaway edition {Engadget}

Nov 7th 2008 3:41PM It is rather brick shaped, so I plan on crushing horde with this Zune.

When to kick {WoW}

Jun 18th 2008 12:57PM I have an inhuman amount of tolerance most of the time but when I'm tanking I tend to give someone 2 chances. I'll let them know in a /w that they are being annoying/incompetent. Then I'll tell them in party chat that they are not performing up to spec and I have no problems replacing them. If they offer a reasonable reason or start shaping up I keep moving forward, if they mouth off they are gone.

As a tank I take it on myself to keep the group progressing and I will use every means at my disposal to achieve that goal, even if that means pissing people off.

One reason tanks won't PuG {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 4:39PM When it comes down to it I tend to give most people a chance when I'm tanking. Although I will browse the LFG window before actually putting myself in the queue. I've had too many Heroic runs with bad makeup on groups.

As for loot distro, I'll normally allow an off spec need if no one else has any use for that item, but only in that case. I have no problems slapping master looter on if at any point there is a loot quarrel.

PuG tanking is my bread and butter as I'm normally on at different times as my guild so I spend a lot of time with random people. I've meet some of the best people on my friends list in PuGs. But I do have a limit, if a group argues too much or progression is halted for too long I'll let them knwo my time is valuable and I do have better things to do other than waiting for everyone to be ready. I'll also drop a group after 2-3 avoidable repair bills add up too quickly to spend more than 10g on wipes.

36 US realms down {WoW}

Apr 14th 2008 12:23PM This constant downtime is really getting to me, all these realms were down on Saturday for a period of time too. Unfortunately for me I seem to have most of my characters on the same battlegroup, I'm not sure how exactly that happened but now I'm really annoyed when they go down.

The only silver lining is that I'm at work so at least I'm not sitting at home frustrated as I can't play now anyways.

Are hybrid tanks going to *be* left behind? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 5:54PM First I have to say, that is one well written and conveyed article.

I rolled my Tankadin to cover that huge tanking gap that I saw on my server. I hated sitting in LFG as DPS and waiting for a tank to show up. I figured I would make it easy on myself by starting off as 1/3rd of a core PuG team. Really i ended up loving the tanking role. I love wading into a group of mobs and holding them all in place while my DPS picks them off 1 by 1. The thrill of throwing myself into an un-winnable fight and coming out the other side with both myself and all my team members alive.

The only reward I've wanted is that /w "Hey man, just wanted to let you know that you are the best tank I've seen" I love going into a group with everyone apprehensive about your skill and in the end they want to run 4 or 5 more runs with you as they trust you implicitly.

But I am concerned about my role in end game scenarios. I worry that I'm going through all this effort to gear up and maintain a decent balance just to be shoved to the background when new content shows up. Blizzard really needs to work on Paladin itemization, I don't want huge buffs I just want the small fixes that we deserve.

Breakfast Topic: Does the RNG hate you? {WoW}

Feb 5th 2008 1:49PM Yeah it hates me, I ran Ramps nearly 25 times and never saw the breastplate for my Pally. It really hurt because people would whisper me later and say that it dropped on their run.

Yeah now I'm 70 and I still want to run ramps to get it. Just to prove that I'm not cursed.

Here are your fake (real?) patch notes {WoW}

Jan 24th 2008 1:42PM Rogue:
- Your Sap and Distract abilities no longer require targets to be out of combat. combat? Somehow I doubt that.

Although that "generate combo points on up to 3 targets" is one of the better ideas floating around. It would resolve that wasted CP issue.

Build Shop: Paladin 0/46/15 {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2008 6:10PM Guardians Favor? Seriously? And no Anticipation? Thats free defense that you don't have to find elsewhere.

Really just drop The GF & the points from Vindication and put them in Anticipation. Other than that I can't argue with your choices. As soon as my Tankadin hits 70 I plan of dropping reckoning myself and putting those points elsewhere.

My Build should look similar to this one: