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WoW Moviewatch: The Worgen {WoW}

Jan 5th 2010 12:32PM Okay, as much of an avid reader of the site that I am, it takes quite a lot, usually, to get me to post something.

This was...quite a lot.

Lore isn't present enough in machinma these days. A lot of people like to make up their own stories or take it upon themselves to retcon all over the place, but it's wonderful to see that you might understand that the story Blizzard's conjured up is good enough, and to see it played out in such a wonderful production was highly enjoyable. The Worgen's origin story has *always* been one of my absolute favorites, and to see it in such a medium is great! Arugal's such a tragic character, Velinde's probably my favorite Night Elf ever, and more than anything, this just excites me for Cataclysm even more, and I wasn't sure that was even possible.

If I have one complaint, it's how abruptly you wrapped things up. I was expecting the narrator to reveal why he knew so much about Pyrewood, or...something other than "Yup, one of my favorites!" I liked the end, don't get me wrong, but it just wasn't what I expected.

Still, this was probably the best Machinma I've seen in years, and I can't wait for your next project. If it's anything like this one, I'll become a very dedicated fan.

Joystiq talks to Frank Pearce about the past and future of Warcraft {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 9:19AM I like Felicia Day and the guild, but for a commercial, it wouldn't work. Thus far, every commercial has surprised us with pretty much household names, celebrities that basically everyone knows in some way or another(aside from steve, not as much), telling everyone how awesome the game is. Mila Kunis is becoming quite the movie star these days, and I recall one awkward Jimmy Kimmel interview where she couldn't seem to stop talking about her mage, which I loved. Eliza Dushku also has the street cred, and even if her name isn't that well known yet, she's very recognizable. She's had plenty of spots on pretty huge movies and tv shows, and Dollhouse has quite the following, despite it's cancellation.

Those are the only two I can think of, but WoW's big enough for us to know that there have got to be more female celebrities that play the game that need to stop being so embarrassed about it and embrace it like all these others.

And William Shatner isn't c-list. The others are, but he's Jim Kirk. He's a television LEGEND.

Sorry Mike, but Felicia just won't cut it. We all love her and she's helping promote WoW in her own way, but she just isn't the star for one of the commercials. We need a pleasant surprise, and this would just be like, "Oh look, it's Felicia Day. She's hot mostly 'cause she plays a game most girls seem to hate. But this was expected." I enjoy the unexpected. Who'd have guessed that Mr. T played a hippie-Night Elf?

Telling a story without quest text {WoW}

Oct 9th 2009 1:51PM This is still a roleplaying game, and just about every game in the genre forces a bit of reading on the gamer. Certainly, it'd be nice to play the game every once in a while without having to stop and open up your questlog, but in a counter, many of the quests have really fascinating stories if you just sit down and read them through. Sometimes they're full of hilarious pop culture references and sometimes they're ways to immerse the gamer in WoW's lore without them even doing any extra research.

I dunno. Maybe it's because I'm a reader, but if you're too lazy to take ten seconds to read over a quest--a quest that you might get much more out of than merely the directions to complete it--then perhaps this isn't the genre for you. I don't understand why people come to this game thinking it's not like every other boring rpg they've played in their lives where reading was the highest skill required. I mean, of course it has it's very solid differences, but I mean, come on.

I understand that not every quest is exciting and many are repetitive. It still only takes about five seconds to figure out where to go and what to do and then you're on your way. For me, I've been reading quests in their entirety since I picked up the game, and I've been server first to 70 and 80. Leveling as a healer. Don't act like it's a big hindrance.